The Many Uses of Vacuum Pumps

Among the many types of pumps that are used both in the home and in industry, vacuum pumps stand as some of the most versatile and useful. Their design is somewhat simple, yet they can perform a wide variety of tasks that you may not even realise.

Vacuum Pump Used in an Air Conditioner

The basic idea behind the vacuum pump is to remove the air in a contained unit. One of the most common types of vacuum pumps, or suction pumps as they are sometimes called, that is used every day is a straw. When a person sucks on it, air is removed and the drink rushes to the top and into the person’s mouth because of the pressure difference.

It may surprise you to know that this concept has been around since 1650, with some simpler versions possibly sooner. But what can they do for you today and in the world we live in now, other than aid in the consumption of your refreshing drink?

For anyone at home, these types of pumps are found in air conditioning units, sewage systems and some electrical appliances, such as lamps. We may not even notice them sometimes, but they work to keep us comfortable and our home in good shape.

For industrial applications, vacuum pumps are used in the moving of composite plastic, slurry and other liquid resources. In specialised fields, they are used in milking machines on the farm, freeze drying units, certain instruments in older aircraft models, medical processes, cabinet making, printing press, laboratories, etc.

Most of the industries or businesses that use pumps, prefer to use vacuum pumps because of their practical design and many applications.

We carry a number of different models of these pumps, ranging from simple to more complex ones, which are designed to last longer and endure in harsher conditions. We also have the different parts that keep these remarkable machines running.

The vacuum pump has three main types and we have them all, including momentum transfer, entrapment and positive displacement. Whatever the use, we have pumps that fit all kinds of scenarios and we know that they can do whatever job you need them to do.

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