The Pumps of the Deep: KTZ & KTV

Pump Solutions Australasia offers a vast number of different pumps, including vacuum, centrifugal, peristaltic, and submersible pumps. Located in Western Australia, specifically in Perth, we bring you only the highest quality pumps, parts, and accessories. We also provide specialised repair services to give to you all you need in terms of pumps and their many applications.

KTZ Submersible PumpsOne of our popular options of pumps is the submersible pump. As the name states, these types of pumps can be placed into water, or whichever liquid is being pumped. This is because they are fitted with a sealed motor, which prevents unwanted material from getting into the internal mechanisms of the pump. Being submersible, these pumps have a greatly reduced possibility of cavitation.

These types of pumps can be used in households to drain flooded rooms or basements. However, there are many practical uses in industry as well, including flood water control, irrigation systems, fire fighting, the movement of dirty water, and groundwater pumping.

When in most cases a jet pump would be used, a submersible pump is more efficient to use, in or above water, because it pushes what it pumps rather than pulls it.

Of all of our models of submersible pumps, KTZ series is one of the most popular as well as one of the best. What separates these pumps from the other makes of its kind is the fact that it features a double silicone carbide mechanical seal specifically designed for high pressures. This means that not only can it be submerged in liquid, but it can also go deeper under it than most other pumps can and is very resistant to abrasion.

Generally used as water pumps, the KTZ series is a tough three phase pump, making it strong and durable. They include hose coupling, a side-flow channel for efficient cooling, a cabtyre cable, built in motor protector and a top outlet to reduce space.

For more information and any questions you have on our submersible pumps, call us at 1300 922 973.