Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps: How They Work

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we go to great lengths to carry the finest pumps from all over the world. We know that in many industries, “downtime” can cost you a lot of money. Most businesses can’t afford to keep replacing defective or worn pumps on a frequent basis. That’s why we only choose the best pumps that give the most consistent performance for the longest period of time.

Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps: How They Work

One of the best is Verderflex. We are appointed Western Australian distributors for their peristaltic pumps. Verderflex has proven, over and over again, for close to 50 years, to be the best, most reliable and most durable peristaltic pumps in the world.

How Peristaltic Pumps Work

Peristaltic pumps imitate the motion of a human or animal swallowing food or water. Fluid is in a tube that closes off and pushes the fluids or solids further along the pump. A peristaltic pump does it by using a rotating roller or “shoe” that moves along one side of a hose, compressing it and moving the fluid or solids in the direction that the shoe is moving.

When the shoe totally compresses the tube, it seals off the intake end from the discharge and efficiently moves every bit of fluid or solid in the tube. Nothing is left behind. As the shoe moves down the hose, the part that was compressed is let go, expands and creates a vacuum, drawing in more fluid.

The substance being pumped never comes into contact with anything but the inside of the tube. Peristaltic pumps are used often for dosing applications. Verderflex pumps with tubes handle up to two bars of pressure, while those with hoses can handle up to 16 bars of pressure.

The high pressure hose is built for endurance and strength. It has an outer layer and between two and six reinforcement layers. Reinforced tubing is more efficient for creating suction and allows for higher working pressures.

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