Verderflex Pumps: Powering Many Industries

Verderflex pumps are manufactured by Verder, a company located in Germany. They make the best peristaltic pumps in the world. Peristaltic pumps are known as “hose pumps” or “tube pumps” because they consist of a motor that squeezes a hose or tube in an action that mimics the bowel mechanism called peristalsis.

You can do this yourself to a water hose that has sat in your yard and has water collected in it. Simply grab the hose at one end and squeeze it until your finger and thumb have made it half as thick as the rest of the hose. Then, move your finger and thumb down the hose. This forces water out the other end.

Peristaltic pumps are superior for abrasive fluids with a high solid content. For metering, they are superior in printing applications and clean, aggressive chemicals under high pressure. Here are a few specific applications in different industries.

Verderflex pumps are often found in water and wastewater operations because of their ability to handle aggressive or abrasive fluids and solids.

They are great for the mining industry because of their ability to handle slurries. They are also used for froth floatation systems.

Verderflex Pumps: Powering Many Industries

Because Verderflex pumps offer accurate dosing, they are popular in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as the printing industry.

Their dosing capability makes them a popular choice for laboratories around the world.

Verderflex pumps are also used for many original equipment manufacture (OEM) applications, such as printing presses, vending machines, chemical dosing systems and dishwashers.

The design of a peristaltic pump ensures that there is no contamination of the liquids inside. That makes it a natural choice for applications in which sanitation is mandatory, such as the medical and food & beverage industries.

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