Verderflex Pumps

Verderflex is a world class manufacturer of peristaltic tube pumps and hose pumps. Peristaltic pumps are the pumps of choice for applications that require purity and precision. Verderflex pumps are most often used for dosing chemicals and pumping liquids that cannot afford to be contaminated.

Peristaltic pumps are the best for applications in which the media cannot be contaminated because the only part of the pump they ever touch is the tube. This keeps the fluid pure and uncontaminated. Peristaltic pumps are also the best for dosing and precise measurements because they have a gentle action in which the rate and amount of flow can be controlled to the drop.

Verderflex manufactures pumps in a wide range of sizes, from OEM equipment in the food and beverage industry to giant pumps that are among the largest in the world, used for heavy industrial purposes.

Peristaltic Verderflex Pumps

Verderflex pumps are used in a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, wastewater, mining, water, chemicals, printing, packaging and pharmaceuticals.

Verderflex peristaltic pumps provide a “best of both worlds” scenario. They are gentle enough to handle media that can’t handle a lot of force, but they can also withstand some of the most abrasive, corrosive, viscous and high-density media in the industry.

Verderflex pumps are made by Verder Group, who have been around for more than fifty years. Verder Group specialises in process handling, liquids handling and laboratory equipment. They require their employees to engage in continuous, lifelong training to ensure that their company and their products improve every day.

They reward their employees with a high level of independence in which to do their jobs: providing their customers with the best products, service and support in the world.

Verder Group is committed to a culture of kaizen, or constant improvement. They pride themselves in constantly innovating and improving upon successful products.

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