This Water Pump Cleans the Ocean

We usually use our blog to tell you technical information about various water pumps that we import from other countries into Australia. But today, we would like to tell you about the most creative use we have seen for a water pump and a filter. It was invented by two surfers from right here in Perth and it is called the Seabin.

What Does the Seabin Do?

The Seabin uses a water pump, a filter and a few pipes to clean debris from the ocean. The pump, which is above the water, transports the water into the Seabin, which traps the debris. The filtered water goes through the pipes, into the pump and is pumped back into the ocean on the other side.

Ultimately, the Seabin is a device that is like the skimmer in your swimming pool, but a lot bigger.

Water Pump Cleans the Ocean

Is the Seabin Really Necessary?

According to current estimates, there are 5.25 trillion pieces of garbage in the world’s oceans. The North Pacific Ocean between the US and Japan is called “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” It has an estimated area of 15 million square kilometres. In every square kilometre, there are an estimated 335,000 pieces of plastic per square kilometre.

This affects many different species of wildlife. On Midway, an island between Japan and the US, the entire population of Laysan albatrosses, 1.5 million, nearly all are thought to have plastic in their digestive systems. Over 267 marine species around the world have been found to be affected by plastic waste in the oceans.

Meet the Inventors

The inventors are Andrew Turton and Peter Ceglinski. They grew up together and spent most of their childhoods in the ocean. They have become so dismayed with the growing debris problem that they quit their jobs to do something about it.

They designed a prototype right here in Perth with the backing of WA firm Shark Mitigation Systems. They are marketing it in Mallorca, Spain, which is known as the “Marina capital of Europe.”

They began in Indiegogo campaign and netted $34,000 their first three days. As of now, they have raised $267,000. In addition, French company Poralu Marine has contracted to manufacture the Seabin. The first production models are planned to be installed by December 2016.

According to Mr Ceglinski, even the most beautiful tropical islands have garbage floating at the beaches and it ruins the experience for him. He is disgusted that “the world is full of trash” and feels it shouldn’t be that way.

Keeping the Oceans Clean

Citizens, governments and corporations have tried various interventions on local levels for years. This has resulted in numerous coastal cleanups and attempts by manufacturers to make product packaging less bulky and less likely to be thrown to sea. But the problem has become worse and worse as time goes on.

According to Mr Ceglinski, marinas are a logical place to start ocean cleanup efforts, because they have the most oil pollution, fuel pollution and the highest amount of human activity. It is important to Mr Ceglinski to keep plastic and other materials from floating out into the ocean where they affect marine life.

Mr Ceglinski and Mr Turton have set up their research and development centre not in Australia, but in Mallorca, due to the amount of marinas there. They hope to develop production techniques there.

What it Means to You

The Seabin won’t have a direct effect on you now, but it could be a great start at tackling the problem of our garbage becoming toxic waste in our oceans. We also like it because it shows that pumps can solve even more problems than we know about if they are used creatively.

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