What do the Mining Industry, Wastewater Treatment, and a Good Cup of Coffee Have in Common?

The short answer: Verder peristaltic pumps. Western Australia has benefited greatly from the mining boom, and we have seen the movement of Verder peristaltic pumps go “off the charts” for mining applications. But slurry pumping for the mining industry is only one use for Verder peristaltic pumps. They are also quite popular in wastewater treatment plants and chemical pumping.

So, what about that cup of coffee? Even though the bulk of Verder’s inventory is large pumps for mining and water treatment applications, they also make pumps of all sizes, even as small as the little pump that moves the water in the coffee maker at your office or your favourite restaurant.

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we pride ourselves in importing the very best pumps from the very best companies across the globe. From Europe, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding the right pump for the right job.

Verder has manufactured and supplied pumps to the mining, water, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and plastics industries for nearly 50 years. They have office and production facilities in Europe, the US, China, Japan, and South Africa. Their reputation is built mainly on peristaltic pumps.

Peristaltic pumps work like the swallowing mechanism of your GI tract. Water enters a tube, where a rotor pushes a roller, also called a shoe, lobe, or wiper, along the surface of the tube, pushing the water through as the tube is compressed.

For a better understanding, fill a straw with water and turn it upside down with your finger sealing the opening at the bottom. Then, squeeze your thumb and finger together on the bottom and move it upward, forcing the water out of the straw. This is what is done in a peristaltic pump, but it is done in a rotary motion. The rotating roller squeezes the tube against the pump casing, moving the fluid through the pump.

We currently carry the VF series, which is Verder’s original Verderflex peristaltic hose pump, and the Dura series, which combines the benefits of close coupled and long coupled pumps.

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