What Kind of Pump Do You Need for Your Irrigation System

For most irrigation systems, the best water pump will either be a submersible pump or a centrifugal pump. Often, you will find pumps on the market that are called “irrigation pumps.” Sometimes, they will be sufficient, but they will often be cheap pumps that barely get the job done under the best of conditions.

IrrigationConsequently, we recommend that you do your homework and work with your supplier to make sure you get the pump that is right for your system. We recommend that you design your irrigation system first, and then figure out how much water you are going to move and what pump you need. This can save you a lot of time and effort.

For lighter irrigation, a plain, submersible pump, similar to the one you would use to clear a flooded basement, will be fine. Submersible pumps are totally submerged underwater, including the motor. The pump and motor are combined into a single unit that is in a waterproof casing. They can even be used in a well or a stream.

Submersible pumps are very efficient, because they push water instead of pulling it. The main caveat here is that most submersible pumps need a sleeve that forces water to flow over the surface of the motor, and keeps it from overheating. This pump has to be run totally underwater. If it is running while dry, it will burn the motor out and damage the pump.

A centrifugal pump uses centrifugal force to move water. It uses an impeller, similar to an old fashioned water wheel, to propel water through the casing, also called the housing or chamber. Centrifugal pumps have to be primed before they will move water. Self priming centrifugal pumps are easily primed; all you do is put water in the intake pipe and turn the pump on.

The most common centrifugal pump is an end-suction centrifugal pump. The pump is round, with a suction inlet on the front and an exit outlet on the top. The motor can be long or close-coupled to the pump, and are normally quite efficient

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