What Pump Do You Really Need for Rainy Season?

When it’s rainy season, submersible pumps are almost always the best option for draining or “dewatering” a Perth area home. When it comes to submersible pumps, they don’t get any better than Tsurumi pumps.

Tsurumi is an international company that has been in business since 1924. They build a wide range of pumps for residential, construction, mining and industrial purposes. They are huge in the wastewater and sewage industries. But they still aren’t so big that they can’t build reliable, powerful pumps that will clear your home of floodwater.

Submersible Pump For Rainy Days

Why Submersible Pumps?

Submersible pumps are the most cost-efficient, reliable solution to pumping water out of a home that has been flooded. Tsurumi pumps are strong and reliable enough that they are used for many industrial applications such as water wells, oil wells, firefighting, irrigation systems, offshore drilling rigs, groundwater rigs and even slurry pumping.

So, why does a submersible pump work so well for so many applications? There are a lot of reasons. First, the pump is submerged in the water, so it never needs to be primed. The pump is hermetically sealed using watertight gaskets. This prevents water from interfering with the motor or the electricity that runs it.

The impeller puts direct pressure on the water, converting rotary energy into kinetic energy to impart pressure onto the water. This is very efficient and allows a submersible pump to move water at great distances if necessary.

One of the secrets to the efficiency of a submersible pump is that it pushes water instead of pulling it. This requires less energy to pump more water. The design of a submersible pump not only promotes efficiency, but also makes it less prone to pump cavitation.

The result is a pump that is powerful, works under any condition and has very little “down time.” The only sticking point for many is the cost, but a Tsurumi submersible pump will save a lot more money than it costs, due to its ability to provide world class power over long periods of time.

When it comes to dewatering a home, why trust your home to a cheap sump pump? Why wait for hours and hours when an efficient Tsurumi submersible pump could rid your home of water in a much shorter period of time? Especially when the Tsurumi pump will perform for years and years.

Tsurumi LB General Dewatering Pumps

The Tsurumi LB General Dewatering Pump is a lightweight, portable dewatering pump. It is a compact pump; the casing is slightly less than 21cm. It has a semi-vortex pump design that provides long-term operation with no drop in performance, even if the impeller becomes worn. The pump can be adjusted with a top or horizontal discharge direction. This allows ultimate versatility and keeps you from having to bend or fold the discharge hose.

The pump is automatic and can be adjusted to level and by timer. This eliminates the chance of a rough surface causing a malfunction. Here is a deeper look at a few features of the Tsurumi LB series.

Flow-Through Design

Water flows from the bottom to the top, cooling the motor even with low water levels. The discharge port is at the top. This allows you to fit the pump into narrow spaces.

Multi-Directional Hose Coupling

The hose coupling can be moved from vertical to horizontal. This allows ultimate flexibility in determining the direction of water flowing out of the pump. The hose coupling can even be removed by loosening the cap nuts.

Keep it Simple

The structure of the pump section is so simple that you can take it apart and put it back together with a 13mm box wrench.

Auto-Control Electrode Device

An electrode used as a water sensor turns the unit on and off. This prevents both flooding and dry running. In addition, it makes the pump last a lot longer.

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