Which Water Pump is Right for You?

There is almost as much information about water pumps as there are water pumps. This can make it tough to decide which one is right for the job. There are a lot of subsets for pumps, too. Home pumps are rather simple, while pumps for industrial use bring many variables into the picture. When it comes to industrial pumps, the ante is upped considerably.

For this post, we are mainly going to cover water pumps for residential use in wells. For pumping water into your house, there are two main kinds of pumps: submersible pumps and jet pumps. Submersible pumps, as the name might suggest, are submerged into your well, and push the water up to your house. Jet pumps are used to suck water out of the well.

The submersible pump can be lowered to the bottom of your well. The water intake is slightly above the bottom of the pump, and this allows the pump to actually rest on the bottom of the well.

Submersible water pumps are already primed because they are under water, and they are very efficient. They are also quiet, and usually don’t require a lot of maintenance or attention from the homeowner. A submersible well pump is pretty much a “set it and forget it” proposition.

The jet pump, on the other hand, is only lowered until the jet is just deep enough for water to enter the jet. Jet pumps need to be primed before they will work. Also, because the motor is above water, you will be able to hear it if you are close to the well. Most people get used to it, but it is a sticking point for some.

Users must be cautioned that a jet pump can only lift water 25 feet, so they are useless in a deeper well. The main advantage to this pump is that it is a bit more cost-effective than a submersible well.

A good rule of thumb here is that if you don’t mind the noise, and your well is less than 25 feet deep, you can use a jet pump, but all other circumstances will require a submersible pump.

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