Why Peristaltic Pumps are Best for Slurries

Peristaltic Pumps for SlurriesIf you’re exposed to industry around Australia, and are exposed to different kinds of pumps you possibly know about moving slurries. Pumps have traditionally been used for this because it makes the work much easier and more cost effective. However, there are certain types of pumps that would be better suited for this kind of process—depending on the volumes and pressure you need to pump, peristaltic pumps are often a good option, depending on the application.

The Design of Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic pumps have a somewhat unique design that sets them apart from most other pumps. They do not contain any glands, seals or valves which are in contact with the product thus making them a favourable option. They are also not only efficient, but easy to operate and maintain. A simple rotor in the pump moves slurry or other materials along a hose, making that the only part that comes into contact with the pumped material. This method of pumping also reduces the risk of damage to the products, especially sensitive ones. They are also much easier to clean or flush since only the internal surface of the hose needs to be cleaned being the only part of the pump which is in contact with the pumped fluid. Peristaltic pumps are also more environment-friendly than their counterparts.

Superior Efficiency

If ease and cost efficiency aren’t enough for peristaltic pumps to be considered a better selection than other types, there are a number of other factors that make them ideal for moving slurry specifically. Peristaltic pumps are capable of pumping higher concentrates of slurry, so they use less water and energy compared to other styles of pumps, generating less pollution. This is not only better for the environment as a whole; you, the owner, can also benefit through reduced resources required to run the system. In addition, peristaltic pumps do not have many moving parts, ensuring lower maintenance costs.

The Power of Peristalsis

When it comes to moving around slurry, there are number of different kinds of pumps that you could use but peristaltic pumps are among the best. They can save you water, energy, space and time, making them both environmentally and economically advantageous.

We have a range of peristaltic pumps to choose from and any one of them would be great for moving all kinds of materials. To learn more about them, call 1300 922 973.