Why Verderflex Pumps are so Popular in the Mining Industry

Verderflex peristaltic pumps are the “gold standard” in the mining industry when it comes to pumping slurries. There are two reasons for this. First, a peristaltic pump is the best choice for pumping slurry. Second, Verderflex makes the best peristaltic pumps in the world. It’s easy to see why Verderflex has become the “go to” choice for mining companies for pumping slurries.

Here are some reasons why Verderflex peristaltic pumps will always be the best choice for pumping mining slurries.

Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps

They Use Less Water

A peristaltic pump, also called a hose pump, can move slurries with as much as 80% solid content. A standard centrifugal slurry pump begins to lose efficiency if the solid content is more than 30%. But what do these numbers mean to a mining corporation?

Every time a centrifugal slurry pump is replaced with a peristaltic hose pump in an operation that is processing 75 tonnes of ore per hour with slurry that is 65% solids, it saves more than 1,100 million liters of water per year because of the rise in efficiency. The peristaltic pump requires 25% less water to operate than the slurry pump.

They Use Less Power

Using the above example of a plant that processes 75 tonnes of ore per hour, a Verderflex VF-135 hose pump needs 35 kW of power to complete the task. Meanwhile, the slurry pump would use slightly more than 70 kW. This not only saves more than 50% of your power, it also lowers the demand and requirements for power in your mine.

If you are building a new mine, it will cost less for the infrastructure to provide power for your operation because it won’t have to be so large.

They Reduce Overall Plant Size and Increase Efficiency

Because a peristaltic pump can handle up to 80% solids, it reduces the need for post thickening filter stages. This helps decrease the initial cost and running costs of a mining operation. It also means the plant doesn’t have to be as large.

They Have Less Environmental Impact

If a mine is using a cyanide-based leaching technique, it can contaminate the land and water surrounding the plant. When cavity pumps are used for dosing, the seals are always at risk for losing their integrity. Peristaltic pumps don’t have seals, reducing the risk of contamination greatly.

In addition, they use less power, reducing carbon footprint.

They Minimise Damage

Because the pumping action in a peristaltic pump is the most gentle of other options, cell structures in bio-oxidation reaction techniques sustain less damage. When separating gold from sulphide ores, it improves process yields while lowering cyanide usage.

They Reduce Reagent Usage and Treatment Costs of Acid Mine Drainage

Because of the low-shear, gentle action of a peristaltic pump, particle size is maintained and it isn’t necessary to use as high a quantity of process reagents. Other pumps such as cavity pumps or screw pumps use high-shearing action which increases reagent usage and operating costs.

This often creates more residual reagent, increasing the cost of waste remediation. It can also create more groundwater pollution and other environmental damage.

They Reduce Maintenance Costs

Due to the acidic content in many slurries, a traditional slurry pump has a much shorter life than a peristaltic pump. Peristaltic pumps use less expensive materials and have longer service lives.

They Reduce Downtime

Verderflex peristaltic pumps reduce downtime because a rubber hose is the only material that comes in contact with the slurry. Not only do the hoses last longer, but they can be replaced more quickly. This adds up to less downtime for replacement on two levels. They last longer and are replaced faster.

Less Special Parts

Metal impellers on other pumps often have to be made with exotic materials. Verderflex peristaltic pumps are made with a series of standard elastomers that can withstand chemicals used for processing.

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