Why We Only Import from High Quality Pump Manufacturers

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we import the best pumps from around the world. We have, some would say, “gone to the ends of the earth” to find the highest quality pump manufacturers, no matter where they are located.

A lot of first-timers ask our customer service people why we are so focused on high quality pumps. They ask why we don’t handle cheaper pumps from different manufacturers. There are a few surprising reasons that we would like to share with you. These are the criteria upon which we judge pump manufacturers.

Reputation Within the Industry

We have been providing high quality pumps in Australia since 1990, when we were called “Pumps and Services Australia.” In that time, we have amassed a lot of knowledge about which manufacturers are known for high quality and which ones are known for less-than-stellar quality. Manufacturers who cut corners to cut costs can fool some customers, but they can’t fool the entire industry.

Import from High Quality Pump Manufacturers

Performance and Reliability

These could be separate categories, but they go hand in hand. We only carry pumps that perform at the top of their industry. We want pumps that can do the most work, day in and day out, with the least downtime.

Downtime and pump failure can cost you a lot of money. We like to say thousands of dollars, but an extreme case of pump failure in the wrong place at the wrong time can literally cost millions of dollars. We want you to know that every pump you purchase from Pump Solutions Australasia will give you reliable, consistent performance, day in and day out, with minimal maintenance and no downtime.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on having the most professional, knowledgeable, motivated customer service staff of any pump importer, supplier or retailer. We have found that the elite manufacturers such as Grundfos Pumps, Tsurumi Pumps or Speck Pumpen (Speck Pumps) share our commitment to providing the utmost in customer service. Together, we provide solutions to all of your industrial pumping needs.

For High Quality Pumps, Call Pump Solutions Australasia

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