All About Flojet Pumps

Flojet pumps are one of the products we carry that are popular all over the world. Flojet was established in 1975 as a manufacturer of pumps for precise applications. In 1995, they were purchased by ITT, where they would eventually be placed under the aegis of Xylem.

They are now a leading supplier of water pumps and related equipment in the beverage and water purification markets as well as the marine/RV market. Xylem, like every company within ITT, practises kaizen, or daily improvement. This creates an environment where they constantly re-invest profits into research and development. They are also dedicated to offering the finest in customer service.

Flojet pumps are the “go to” selection for some parts of the beverage and hospitality industry, especially for coffee and tea. They are also still OEM in many boats and recreational vehicles.

All About Flojet Pumps

We have access to any Flojet pumps, including centrifugal pumps, circulation pumps, booster systems, water purification system pumps, oscillating pumps and variable speed pumps.

Flojet Pumps and ITT

When ITT bought Flojet in 1999, they did so to add to a growing portfolio of pumping solutions. The dominating presence of Flojet pumps in the beverage industry allowed ITT to provide even better service to the market. ITT’s Fluid Specialty Group was immediately able to provide service to more specialty niches.

The applications for Flojet pumps are too numerous to list, but their specialty is making smaller pumps that can be used in situations where sanitation is mandatory. At the time, Flojet was headquartered in Foothill Ranch, California. They also had a facility in Milton Keynes, England. The move to ITT increased their resources for production and for research and development.

They are not an international provider of small pumps. Besides the aforementioned applications, Flojet also makes pumps for lawn and garden applications.

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