Applications for Lowara Pumps

Lowara is known worldwide as one of the best manufacturers of clean water pumps. Lowara is now under the aegis of Xylem, a multi-national manufacturer of pumps. Both companies are known for their commitment to high quality and innovation, constantly spending time and effort to improve present products and create new products.

Lowara Clean Water Pumps: an Overview

Lowara makes a wide variety of pumps for various purposes. Everything they make is of the highest quality. But globally, the product that really shines for Lowara is their clean water pumps. Lowara pumps are ubiquitous in the water supply industry. Lowara clean water pumps are used to supply water for residential buildings, hotels and some of the tallest buildings in the world. They are also used for industrial applications like boilers, where high pressure is needed.

Clean Water Pumps - Lowara Pumps

Lowara makes some of the best booster pump sets. Booster pumps are used to send water to multiple rooms in larger buildings like hotels, hospitals and businesses. They have to be reliable and efficient; if they aren’t, guests and renters can find themselves without water.

Lowara pumps are made with ASI 304 and ASI 316 stainless steel. These grades are used in applications where sanitation is a must. They are also great for chemical pumping. Stainless steel helps Lowara manufacture pumps with long life-cycles and ultra-efficient performance. Stainless steel pumps are so sanitary that they can be used in hospitals and restaurants for water supply with no worry of contamination.

Why We Only Offer the Best Pumps in the World

Lowara pumps are another example of what we do: scour the world for the best pump manufacturers and carry the pumps that produced their great reputations. We have been around for two generations now and know who is making the best pumps in any medium around the world.

Since Lowara has set the standard for clean water pumps, we carry their pumps for most clean water applications. But we also carry pumps from all of the great manufacturers in the world because we know your time and money are important to you. We know that downtime can cost you inappropriate amounts of time and money, so we only sell pumps that are the most likely to perform the best in any given operation.

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