Xylem Pumps Create Another Innovation for Drinking Water

Xylem Pumps is the parent company for Lowara Pumps. They are one of the largest and most innovative pump manufacturers in the world, so we like to keep an eye on them because their innovations usually have an effect on the entire industry.

One of their more innovative products is the Wedeco Spektron UV series for sanitising drinking water. Recently, Xylem added four new models to the series, extending the series and making disinfected drinking water available to more people.

Xylem - Lowara Pumps Create Another Innovation for Drinking Water

The Spektron series features their Ecoray UV lamps, formulated to deliver shorter warm up time, longer lamp life and the highest efficiency available. Their lamp and ballast combination are designed to provide a higher relative UVC output than the their competitors when they are operated in what they call the “dimmed mode.”

This allows the more efficiency with less money spent on power. The lamps are automatically dimmed according to the dosage needed at any given time. The net savings is estimated to be in the area of 20%.

They provide a dose of UV rays measuring at 40 mj/cm2, which allows them to safely disinfect drinking water. With the added product range, they can now handle flow rates that range from 2 m3/h to 4,000 m3/h.

The system is validated by regulatory agencies in Germany, Austria and the US as providing disinfection that meets their standards.

The Spektron UV series can handle operations of all sizes, including: domestic water supply, large municipal water plants and an array of industrial uses.

They also have a control system that uses the latest sensor technology to maximise efficiency.

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Lowara Smart Pumps Cut Water Supply and HVAC Costs for Commercial Buildings

Lowara pumps are viewed by many as the finest clean water supply pumps in the world. Their water pumps and centrifugal pumps are made of AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel. This makes them appropriate for the level of sanitation required of clean water supply pumps and also makes them less prone to wear and tear.

The management of Lowara Pumps has never been a group that rested on their laurels, however. They put a lot of time and effort into research, development and improvement of their products. This has kept them on the forefront of innovation throughout their tenure as a pump manufacturer.

Lowara Pumps Cut Water Supply and HVAC Costs for Commercial Buildings

Lowara Smart Pumps

The latest Lowara innovation is a line of smart pumps that are designed for water supply and HVAC applications, mostly in commercial buildings. The new Lowara Smart Pump range will feature their proprietary IE5 motors. These IE5 motors outperform the IE3 requirements that are currently the industry standard.

According to Lowara representative Giorgio Sabbatini, the global building sector is placing a high priority on improving HVAC efficiency in their commercial buildings. This helps reduce operational costs and overall consumption of power

The Lowara Smart Pump range features variable speed drive motors which make both water supply and HVAC pumps more efficient. This helps reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions. With a “carbon tax” looming in the future, Lowara Smart Pumps could save building owners even more money down the road.

Plug and Play

The Lowara Smart Pump range is designed to be a plug-and-play system. It is easy to install and also easy to retrofit. They contain an embedded electric drive that increases the working area of the pumps. This will greatly enhance system performance and maximize flexibility.

Lowara Smart Pumps can provide up to 1.5 kW of power in single phase input and offer the capability of linking three pumps in tandem.

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Why Lowara Pumps Are Made of the Highest Grade Stainless Steel

Lowara is one of the most respected manufacturers of clean water pumps in the world. They are known for a rare combination of reliability, efficiency, high quality and reasonable price. They have also developed an international reputation for some of the best backend support in the business.

Lowara pumps are made of AISI 316 and AISI 304 forged stainless steel. These grades of stainless steel are acknowledged as the best in the business for both clean water and for chemicals. Here’s why.

Without getting into a long discussion on a molecular level of how stainless steel works, suffice to say that stainless steel forms a coating on the outside that makes it impossible to saturate or degrade with liquid. This makes stainless steel easy to clean because almost nothing sticks to it. Liquids flow through stainless steel without having any effect on the surface at all.

Why Lowara Pumps Are Made of the Highest Grade Stainless Steel

High grade stainless steel is perfect for clean water and for dairy applications because the pumps never get contaminated. When sanitation is of the highest importance, stainless steel is the material of choice in every industry. This includes hospitality, food manufacturing, dairy, medical and pharmaceutical applications.

The integrity of a stainless steel surface is equally important for transporting caustic or corrosive chemicals. The same qualities that do not allow stainless steel to be contaminated also keep it from being eroded by stronger chemicals. This guarantees that there will be no leakage and no cross-contamination.

We provide numerous Lowara stainless steel pumps for purposes such as irrigation, building service, residential water service, medical centers, restaurants, hospitals and hotels. They are generally known as the most reliable pumps for providing clean water in the industry.

Lowara Pumps in Australia

We are proud to be a Western Australia reseller of Lowara pumps. We also import from many different manufacturers that are known as the best in the world at their specialties. To learn more or to talk to our world-class customer service staff, call Pump Solutions Australasia today: 1300 793 418.

Applications for Lowara Pumps

Lowara is known worldwide as one of the best manufacturers of clean water pumps. Lowara is now under the aegis of Xylem, a multi-national manufacturer of pumps. Both companies are known for their commitment to high quality and innovation, constantly spending time and effort to improve present products and create new products.

Lowara Clean Water Pumps: an Overview

Lowara makes a wide variety of pumps for various purposes. Everything they make is of the highest quality. But globally, the product that really shines for Lowara is their clean water pumps. Lowara pumps are ubiquitous in the water supply industry. Lowara clean water pumps are used to supply water for residential buildings, hotels and some of the tallest buildings in the world. They are also used for industrial applications like boilers, where high pressure is needed.

Clean Water Pumps - Lowara Pumps

Lowara makes some of the best booster pump sets. Booster pumps are used to send water to multiple rooms in larger buildings like hotels, hospitals and businesses. They have to be reliable and efficient; if they aren’t, guests and renters can find themselves without water.

Lowara pumps are made with ASI 304 and ASI 316 stainless steel. These grades are used in applications where sanitation is a must. They are also great for chemical pumping. Stainless steel helps Lowara manufacture pumps with long life-cycles and ultra-efficient performance. Stainless steel pumps are so sanitary that they can be used in hospitals and restaurants for water supply with no worry of contamination.

Why We Only Offer the Best Pumps in the World

Lowara pumps are another example of what we do: scour the world for the best pump manufacturers and carry the pumps that produced their great reputations. We have been around for two generations now and know who is making the best pumps in any medium around the world.

Since Lowara has set the standard for clean water pumps, we carry their pumps for most clean water applications. But we also carry pumps from all of the great manufacturers in the world because we know your time and money are important to you. We know that downtime can cost you inappropriate amounts of time and money, so we only sell pumps that are the most likely to perform the best in any given operation.

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Lowara Pumps: Among the Most Reliable and Effective in Perth

Lowara pumps have a reputation for being reliable and effective, not only in Perth, but around the world. Lowara is now a part of Xylem, a multi-national company that not only builds pumps, but is involved in numerous other manufacturing industries. Lowara pumps are imported into our Perth facility from plants in Italy, Hungary, Austria and Poland.

Lowara Pumps - Most Reliable and Effective in Perth

Lowara’s main claim to fame is their clean water pumps. They have built a reputation for the finest clean water pumps in the world. Lowara clean water pumps have proven to be efficient and cost-effective, not only on the back end but on the front end as well. Lowara combines their high efficiency with one of the best customer service staffs in the industry.

Lowara clean water pumps are manufactured with AISI 316 and AISI 304 stainless steel. Their stainless steel build not only makes them appropriate for clean water and other applications where sanitation is mandatory, they are also good for chemicals because the high quality stainless steel provides corrosion protection.

Around the world, Lowara has built an impeccable reputation for providing products that are efficient and reliable. This allows them to provide solutions for water supply and water pumping requirements. Lowara pumps are used for applications as diverse as irrigation, building service, commercial and residential markets around the world.

Applications for Lowara Pumps

Lowara pumps are used for a wide range of applications. In residential and commercial building services, they are used for water supply, domestic hot water, heating and cooling systems, fire protection and wastewater handling solutions.

Public utilities use Lowara pumps for district heating and water supply solutions. They are used for irrigation system solutions in agriculture and water transport solutions in aquaculture. In the mining industry, they are used for both water supply and dewatering solutions. They are used for heavy water transport in the gas and oil industry. Other general industry uses include water supply, washing equipment and pressure boosting, including broiler feeding.

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