Avoid Mining Downtime With These Tips

The heart of any mining operation relies on the pump that transports the fluids. Normally, the pump would operate perfectly fine and the operation would go as planned. However, reality is not so ideal and incidents may occur that prevent the pump from working right, which leads to downtime in the mine. While unfortunate, there are things that you can do to help prevent the pump from malfunctioning and thereby cut back on how much downtime you will have in the site.

Avoid Mining Downtime

Better Components

Sometimes the parts you use on the pump make a big difference in its performance and could be the deciding factor in whether it will have problems or not. For example, your choice of valves is important because these pieces wear easier than others. In this case, suction valves are the best, although non-return valves are also a great option.

A gland packing component works better than a mechanical seal for the similar reason that seals tend to break easier. Bursting discs are useful components to have because they reduce the risk of there being too much pressure in the pipes, which is a major problem in many mining facilities.

Optimising Functionality

As touched on earlier, excessive pressure often causes many malfunctions in pumps used in the mining industry. To prevent this from happening, in addition to extra components, make sure that pressure tapping points are always at the discharge point and that you know how to activate these.

Making sure that the pump drive is in proper alignment is another way to ensure that the pump is operating at maximum efficiency. Especially with centrifugal pumps, you should run the pump as close to the BEP or best efficiency point as possible. The smoother the machine runs, the less likely it is to break down and cause problems.


The mining industry places a lot of trust in the efficiency of the pumps that it uses. If these pumps don’t work properly, there is an excess of downtime in the mine and this is bad for business. To prevent this from happening, use the best quality pumps with the most efficient components and calibrations.

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