Why Pump Solutions Australasia is Such a Trusted Name

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we decided long ago that being a quality pump importer was going to be of the utmost importance to us. We were founded in 1990 by a German engineer who was a pioneer in the industry and created a number of massive hydraulic and vacuum pump systems, including the one at Geraldton Fish Market that is still used today to transport fish for processing from ships to the wharf.

Our systems would be used in the water, mining and manufacturing sectors with great success, too. Eventually, to help more businesses and people, we found it necessary to diversify. Fast forward to 2016 and we now provide installation, service and imported pumps for a wide variety of industries.

We have always gone out of our way to provide the best outcomes we possibly could for our customers, no matter how big, how small or what industry. A small dewatering pump for a frustrated homeowner is just as important to us as a custom system for an entire wastewater plant.

We have kept doing things the right way, since 1990. Somewhere along the way, we noticed that we had become one of the most trusted names in the industry. But how did that happen and why?

Trusted Quality Pump Importer in Australia

Quality Pumps Always Deliver More than Cheap Pumps

We know that any operation, but especially major ones, can lose a lot of money if they have a breakdown that involves downtime. In some operations, breakdowns can be catastrophic. That is why we go literally to the ends of the world to ensure that we find the highest quality pump manufacturers.

So, while people do have to sometimes pay a premium price for a premium pump, they get great performance out of that pump, year in and year out. We also provide maintenance and installation, which can help ensure that you are never stuck with bad equipment and significantly reduce the already small odds of failure.

Meet Our High Quality Pump Manufacturers

We meant it when we said we have gone to the ends of the world to find the best pump manufacturers. We are the sole Australian importers for these four manufacturers: Speck, Fluid-o-Tech, Filter Technics and Ran pumps. We are the sole WA distributor for Becker. We are WA distributors for Tsurumi, Verderflex, Grundfos and Flojet pumps. We are a WA reseller for Lowara pumps.

Speck Pumps (Speck Pumpen) are based in Germany and have been in business since 1909. They are a “go to” source for liquid ring pumps, side channel pumps and vacuum pumps.

are based in Italy and have been in business since 1948. Their rotary vane pumps are renowned worldwide.

Filter Technics are also based in Italy and have been in business since 2003. They are the global OEM supplier for vacuum pump filters. They also supply a wide range of filters for a wide range of applications.

Ran Pump have been in business since 2000 and are based in Turkey. They make world class AODD (Air Operated Double Diaphragm) pumps at lower prices than most pumps of their quality.

Becker Pumps were founded in Germany in 1885. They are known best for rotary vane pumps and side channel pumps.

Tsurumi Pumps are made in Japan. They have been in business since 1924. They make high quality dewatering pumps and are used for slurries and wastewater applications.

Verderflex Pumps was founded in 1959 and are a world-renowned supplier of peristaltic pumps. They are extremely popular for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. They are located in the Netherlands.

Grundfos Pumps originated in Denmark in 1945. They are best known for centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps and circulator pumps.

Flojet Pumps have been in business since 1975. Their pumps are popular in the water purification, beverage, marine and recreational vehicle industries.

Lowara Pumps were established in 1968 in italy. They are known for centrifugal pumps. They are now a part of the global Xylem family.

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Why We Will Always be High Quality Pump Importers

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we are proud to be exactly what we have been for years: high quality pump importers who provide effective solutions for all of our clients and customers.

We know that high quality usually carries a higher price tag than cheap pumps. But we also know that in operations where pump failure can cost thousands of dollars, the peace of mind and security we can provide are more than worth paying a few more dollars for a high quality pump.

High Quality Pump Importers

We started out in 1990, when we were called “Pumps and Services Australia.” Our founder was an engineer from Germany who built custom engineered vacuum systems. He provided solutions for many clients in the mining, manufacturing and water industries.

However, our most high-profile solution was for the Geraldton Fish Markets, where we pioneered an automated vacuum system to transfer fish from the ships to the wharfs. That system is still thriving today.

In 2000, we decided to expand and diversify our operation. We now provide sales, service and installation of the highest quality pumps from the best manufacturers in the world. We import pumps from Italy, Germany, Belgium, USA, Japan, Turkey and other locations in Europe.

Why a High Quality Pump is Mandatory for So Many Operations

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we don’t just “sell pumps.” We provide solutions for a wide range of industries including: medical, mining, food processing, beverage service, mining, water treatment, HVAC and more.

Most project managers and engineers aren’t looking for cheap pumps; they are looking for high quality solutions that will help enhance their company’s bottom line for years to come. A cheap pump may save a few dollars, but would you like to lose your HVAC system over a few dollars?

For many of our customers, pump failure can cost thousands of dollars. That’s why we have gone around the world numerous times to ensure that we provide the most efficient and reliable pump solution for any operation.

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Need a High Quality Pump? Call Pump Solutions Australasia

If you need a high quality pump for any operation, Pump Solutions Australasia is the place to call. We are committed to importing the highest quality pumps from around the world into Australia. We provide high quality pumps for numerous industries and market segments, including mining, manufacturing, agricultural, fire services, printing, medical, hospitality, restaurant and coffee machines.

High Quality Pump in Perth

We have been in business since 1990, when we were Pumps and Services Australia. We were pioneers in the fishing industry, having created the automated vacuum system that is still in place at Geraldton Fish Markets. In 2000, we started focusing on importing the finest pumps from around the world for as many industries as we can.

The result is a place in the market that is driven by our commitment to bringing the finest pumps in the world into Australia. In 2008, we became Pump Solutions Australasia to reflect our new focus. We also work with local pumps but import from manufacturers in Germany, Italy, Austria, Japan and many other countries.

Meet Our Manufacturers

Speck Pumpen or Speck Pumps is located in Germany. They manufacture compressors and pumps of the highest quality for industrial applications. We carry a full line of Speck vacuum pumps.

Fluid-o-Tech was founded in 1976 in Italy. They now have facilities in Japan and the US. We offer their rotary vane pumps and gear pumps.

Ran Pump is located in Turkey. They are the leading manufacturer of air operated double diaphragm pumps.

Becker is located in Germany and are the premier manufacturer of vacuum pumps and blowers. They have dedicated a lot of research to improving their product and remain the “gold standard” in the industry.

Tsurumi is located in Japan and are the leading manufacturer of submersible pumps for the wastewater, mining and construction industries.

Lowara, established in Italy in 1968, is now part of multi-national giant Xylem. They make the best centrifugal pumps in the business.

Verder, located in Germany, manufactures Verderflex peristaltic pumps.

Grundfos, located in Denmark, is the world’s largest pump manufacturer. We carry a variety of different pumps from their brand.

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Pump Alignment for Longer Performance and Life

As one of the largest importers of pumps in Perth and across Australia, we have made a lot of friends or “repeat customers” over the years. We have noticed that some get a lot longer lives out of their pumps than others. While usage and environment play a large role, we have also seen a few cases where the alignment between the pump and the pipes was causing the pumps to labour harder and shortening their life cycles.

Pump Alignment for Longer Performance and Life

The alignment of the pump with piping is crucial in determining how efficient the operation is. The less accurately the pump is aligned, the harder it has to work and the less efficient it is. In the case of slurry or corrosive fluids, a misaligned pump’s life cycle can shorten significantly. In addition, misalignment can cause excess heat or thermal growth. This can have serious implications and consequences.

Don’t “Set it and Forget it.”

The main problem, especially with larger or more powerful equipment, is installing and aligning the pump in one step during installation, then leaving it thinking “the job is done.” In many situations, this can only be considered a “rough alignment.” Because every situation is different, we don’t really have the room to be too specific, but there are a few general principles that apply to most situations.

Make sure that both the piping and the pump itself are supported and that they are in their final positions. They can both move around a bit and settle into flooring, cement or the ground. Both angles can change. We recommend taking whatever steps are appropriate in your case to level the support for the pump and the support for the piping.

They should be rechecked until there is no movement and no space for instability. When the pump runs, both the pump and the piping should be still. If there is any movement of the piping or pump, one or both are misaligned.

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Understanding Centrifugal Pump Curves in Parallel

Many engineers have one centrifugal pump and decide to run another with it in parallel to provide pump redundancy, enhance system flexibility or obtain higher system flows. If a project so large that available pumps aren’t large enough, more than one pump is mathematically indicated.

However, some precautions are necessary. Here are a few guidelines for parallel operation.

What Is Parallel Operation?

Parallel operation means that two pumps are transporting fluid from the same inlet into a common outlet, with each pump having the same differential head. The sum of the flow from each pump is the total flow.

Centrifugal Pump Curves in Parallel

How to Predict Performance

The common way to predict system performance is to produce a combined curve for all of the pumps by adding all of the individual flows from all of the pump curves at a common head. They system operates where the system curve meets the combined curve.

However, curves must be matched together properly to prevent one curve from overpowering the other. For example, if one of the pumps has a higher head at zero flow, it will overpower the other pump or pumps at low system flows.

The Curves Must be Properly Matched

The pump curves have to be matched evenly enough that they can share the load in a relative state of equality during low flows. The match doesn’t have to be perfect, but they do have to have matching heads during periods of low flow. This keeps one pump from blocking or stalling the others.

The most important characteristic is that the zero flow head, also known as “shut valve head,” are matched for any pumps installed together in parallel. This means that unstable pump curves must be avoided, especially in situations where the point of instability is a possibility. Unstable pump curves in parallel pumps can cause surging.

Parallel operation is most efficient with steeper pump curves to help share the load at low flows. If the pump curves are flat at low flow, minor variations in head can cause wide variations in flow, making it difficult for the pumps to share the load.

Care must be taken to avoid minor variations in performance. A pump whose performance characteristics changes due to wear and tear may no longer be in sync with the other pumps. In addition, two pumps with different drivers, such as one steam-driven pump and one electric motor-driven pump, may display performance characteristics that present problems at low flow.

Will Parallel Pumps Enhance Your System?

The efficacy of parallel pumps is going to depend on what you are trying to accomplish with them. If you are trying to both increase and decrease system flow by using parallel operation to accommodate changes in demand, it is important to know the type of system and its limitations.

With a relatively flat system curve, which means differences in levels are mostly static and pipe friction is minimal, parallel operation will create variations in performance that could be very useful.

If your system is a lengthy pipeline or a closed loop circuit whose resistance comes mostly from friction, there won’t be a lot of performance variation. This can be positive or negative, depending upon your goal.

Is Parallel Operation Right for You?

It all comes back to what we said earlier: it depends upon what you are trying to do. We recommend parallel operation under the following circumstances:

If there are circumstances that prevent you from using a larger pump, such as lack of space or pump availability, or constraints on driver size or power concerns keep you from using a larger pump, your best choice is going to be using two or more pumps in parallel.

When your system curve is relatively flat and you need to vary the flow to compensate for varying demand, parallel pumps are a great solution. Another great use for parallel operation: a situation where you can minimise the disruption caused to your operation in the case of a power failure by running multiple combinations of parallel pumps in a steep system.

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