Award-Winning Grundfos MAGNA3 Pump Series Sets the Standard

Water circulator pumps are notorious for wasting energy, but the MAGNA3 series from Grundfos has changed everything. Toward the end of 2012, the Danish Design Awards were held at the Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark. Awards were given to pumps in six different categories. The MAGNA3 won the Industrial Design Award, Business to Business division.

This was not the first time a Grundfos product has won such an award, but they are especially proud of the MAGNA3 and the award that it won, because it represents a significant advance in design and sustainability. They were particularly proud of the pronouncement by the Design Centre that, compared to other circulator pumps, the MAGNA3 has the lowest energy consumption for any pump of its size, and that the ratio of energy consumption to size is the highest in the industry.

According to those who juried the entries, the MAGNA3 represents a significant contribution to the industry, pioneering the reduction of energy consumption in a pump category that is otherwise known for its prodigious consumption of energy. In other words, most circulator pumps consume high amounts of energy to pump average amounts of water. Many on the jury believe that the MAGNA3 is an innovative product that will influence how circulator pumps are designed and manufactured in the future.

According to the jury, the Grundfos MAGNA3 series is built from a design that allows for efficiency and unprecedented output, and are able to be adjusted contingent on needs. The jury complemented Grundfos for “user-friendliness in…installation, setting, and monitoring.” The pump is so user-friendly that users can even communicate with it via a smartphone.

Ultimately, the jury felt that the MAGNA3 helps to establish Grundfos as a firm that is able to turn “their focus (on sustainability, design, and innovation) into action.” Peter Røpke, Group Executive Vice President for Grundfos, feels that the jury was very perceptive in its appraisal of the MAGNA3 line. He stated that the company’s mission is to “set the standard” for the pump market, and to consistently evolve design to increase performance.

Røpke acknowledged the contributions of his employees in developing the MAGNA3 series, and commented that they are fully aware of the prestige associated with the Danish Design Award. He feels that the award has internal and external benefits.

Internally, he feels that the award helps motivate employees to continue down the path of innovation and high performance. Externally, he feels that the award provides social proof that Grundfos is, indeed, true to its stated mission, values, and corporate vision.

The MAGNA3 pump series consists of circulator pumps from small to medium to large, that are equipped with on board communication devices, and motors that have electronic speed control. The pumps are based on compact stator and permanent magnet motor technology.

For those who want to adjust the pump manually, it can be done with a smartphone. However, the MAGNA3 has a factory setting called AUTOADAPT which is exactly as it sounds, and can put the pump on virtual autopilot. For example, in a heating system, the pump will analyse the system by computer, and find the perfect setting for optimum performance. Then, as requirements change, the pump adapts, and changes its settings. This results in maximum performance and minimum consumption of energy.

Mechanically, the MAGNA3 pump series is designed to be as efficient as any on the market. They operate at a low noise level, are reliable and flexible, have almost no maintenance, and last much longer than similar pumps from other companies. They utilise IR communication to offer external monitoring and control through the use of expansion modules.

The most common use for the MAGNA3 series is to circulate water in heating systems. However, it is also used in domestic hot water systems, and in cooling and air conditioning systems. The MAGNA3 series is even used in solar heating systems and heat pump systems that are ground sourced.

Some standard features in the MAGNA3 series:

  • Constant temperature control
  • Constant curve duty
  • Constant pressure control
  • Minimum or maximum curve duty
  • Automatic Night Setback
  • No need for external protection of motor
  • Single-head pumps used for heating systems are fitted with insulating shells
  • Ambient temperature and liquid temperature independent of each other within large range

Benefits Offered by MAGNA3 Series

  1. Compliant with EuP 2015 low energy consumption requirements
  2. Huge energy savings through AUTOADAPT
  3. Temperature and differential pressure sensors built in
  4. Easily installed
  5. Long life with virtually no maintenance
  6. TFT display on user interface
  7. User-friendly control panel
  8. High-quality silicone buttons
  9. Pressure up to 16 bar
  10. Work log history
  11. Heat energy meter

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