Introducing the Grundfos MAGNA3 Line of Circulator Pumps

One of our favourite lines of water pumps is from Denmark, Northern Europe. The company’s name is Grundfos. Grundfos has been making pumps since 1945. They have a long-standing reputation for quality workmanship and impeccable engineering. As you may know from our Manufacturers page, Pump Solutions Australasia is an appointed Western Australia distributor for Grundfos pumps.

Recently, we began carrying the Grundfos MAGNA3 circulator pump. The MAGNA3 is Grundfos’ line of circulator pumps of all sizes – large, medium, and small. They are fitted with electronic communication circuitry, and their motors have electronic speed control which is based on compact stator motor technology and PM or permanent magnet. The MAGNA3 has an impressive list of features, but none is more impressive than AUTOADAPT. With AUTOADAPT, all you have to do is install the pump, set it on factory default setting, and let AUTOADAPT take care of the rest. Thanks to AUTOADAPT, the MAGNA3 pump analyses the heating or cooling system, finds the perfect setting, and then continues to adjust it as the system’s needs change.

Thanks to AUTOADAPT, the MAGNA3 provides optimum performance, resulting in maximum comfort at the least amount of energy consumption, with virtually no maintenance. Also, the MAGNA3 is so quiet that you won’t even notice that it is running. When you add all of this together, you get a pump that lasts a very long time, makes no noise, does great work, and requires no maintenance.

For those who have special situations which require some manual control, the MAGNA3 also has IR communication, and you can control and monitor it from an outside device, even a tablet or cell phone, with expansion modules.

The MAGNA3 circulator pump is designed for use in domestic hot water systems, heating and cooling systems, and can even be used in solar heating systems and ground source heat pump systems.

Besides AUTOADAPT, there are many other “bells and whistles” that make the MAGNA3 one of the most effective and versatile circulator pumps on the market. FLOWADAPT and FLOWLIMIT are exactly like they sound, they control and limit the flow of water through your system. Constant pressure and temperature control ensure that pressure and temperature are within your required limits.

The MAGNA3 also runs at constant curve duty, and maximum or minimum curve duty, depending on the situation. It also has a night setback function that runs automatically. The motor housing is strong, and needs no external protection. For heating systems, the insulating shells are equipped with single-head pumps. The MAGNA3 has a large temperature range for operation; the ambient temperature and the liquid temperature are fully independent of each other.

Features are great, but they are nothing if they don’t provide a lot of benefits for the consumer. The MAGNA3 provides every benefit that one could expect from a circulator pump. First of all, due to AUTOADAPT, the MAGNA3’s low energy consumption can save as much as 75% over other systems. It has a built-in differential pressure sensor and a built-in temperature sensor.

The greatest benefit is how little you actually have to do to make it work for you. The installation is easy, and AUTOADAPT takes care of the settings and operation. The MAGNA3 has a very long service life, and requires no maintenance. For those who require occasional manual control, it has a TFT display user interface. The control panel is simple and self-explanatory, with high-quality silicone push buttons reminiscent of the soft feel of the buttons on a Mercedes.

The system is easily optimised, and the user can access a history of the work logs. The MAGNA3 also has a heat energy meter, and can be easily configured for multi-pump function. Add-on modules are available for external control and external monitoring. The MAGNA3 will withstand system pressure up to 16bar (PN 16).

That was the long, technical version. The short version: set it and forget it. When you buy and install a Grundfos MAGNA3 circulator pump, you really don’t have to do anything else. It’s something you can just forget about, and trust it to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

The MAGNA3, like other Grundfos water pumps, is engineered and manufactured solidly enough for professional and commercial use, but is affordable enough for home use. We are always comfortable recommending Grundfos pumps to everyone who needs pumps. Australia is a long way from Denmark, but we have one very important thing in common with Grundfos: a commitment to providing our customers with the very best pump for their money.

We are fully convinced that the MAGNA3 is as good as any pump on the market, and we are happy to recommend it for both home and commercial use.