The Benefits and Methods of Water Aeration

Water is essential to life on this planet, but when factors come into play that threaten the quality of water and its ability to support life, measures must be taken to protect it. This is the major concept behind water aeration. This method is the pumping of air into a body of water in an effort to provide more oxygen to break down harmful chemicals in the water that result from runoff and pollution. This can be achieved through a number of different ways and it is vital to the health of an aquatic ecosystem.

Benefits and Methods of Water Aeration

The Need for Aeration

The most important aspect of water aeration is that it helps purify the body of water, which is usually a smaller lake or river. Due to human activity, contaminants from runoff, sewage discharge and the overuse of baiting in fishing become too plentiful in a given body of water.

As a result, something has to be done to offset the pollution or else life will become unsustainable in the water and it will become hazardous for human use as well. Pumping oxygen into the water greatly aids in this because it counterbalances the contaminants and promotes the healthy growth of fish and probiotics.

Methods of Aeration

The two major ways of water aeration are surface aeration and subsurface aeration. The first kind involves placing the oxygen into the water through the surface. Usual executions of this method include using fountains and other aesthetically pleasing features to splash oxygenated water.

Subsurface aeration involves using jets or coarse bubble compressors to inject the oxygenated water into the lake or river through the bottom. These are usually more complicated to set up, but are more effective and appear hidden to any observers.

Aeration for Life

Water aeration is an important process for counteracting pollution to any given body of water. By showering or pumping in oxygenated water into the body, the oxygen level in the water goes up, which promotes healthy life for fish and good bacteria as well as improves the water quality for human use.

Though this can be done on the surface of the water or below it, both methods require a quality pump to ensure that the oxygen flows effectively. To learn more about these pumps, call the leading suppliers in Perth: 1300 922 973.