The Best Pumps and Service in Australia? You Decide.

We believe that we import the best pumps from around the world into Australia and we are proud of it. However, we realize that everybody says they have the best of anything, so we would like to tell you why we are so proud of our products and service.

We were established by a migrant German engineer in 1990. We were then called Pumps and Services Australia. We originally specialized in engineered vacuum pump systems because there was a need for them and no one was doing a good enough job according to our standards. We developed vacuum and hydraulic solutions for numerous industries, Including mining, water and manufacturing.

The Best Pumps and Service in Australia

Our proudest accomplishment from that era was an industry-changing creation at the Geraldton Fish Market in which a vacuum pumping system was created to transport fish from ships to the docks. This system is still in use today.

In 2000, we decided to diversify and use our expertise to reach more people and create more solutions for businesses that needed them. We also used our extensive network of elite pump manufacturers in Italy, Germany, Turkey and other countries to create a selection of the best pumps in the world.

In 2017, we now offer one stop shopping for pumps and services. Most of all, we don’t just sell and service pumps; we create solutions. We also carry a full line of filtration devices and are considered a major supplier in that industry.

So, why do we think our pumps are the best in the world? It is because of the manufacturers we choose to do business with. We know which manufacturers make the best pump in their niches across the world and we have gone out of our way to persuade the best manufacturers to allow us to import their pumps into Australia.

These manufacturers include Lowars, Tsurumi, Speck Pumpen, Fluid-o-Tech, Ran, Becker, Grundfos, Verderflex, Flojet and Filter Technics.

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Lowara Pumps: Among the Most Reliable and Effective in Perth

Lowara pumps have a reputation for being reliable and effective, not only in Perth, but around the world. Lowara is now a part of Xylem, a multi-national company that not only builds pumps, but is involved in numerous other manufacturing industries. Lowara pumps are imported into our Perth facility from plants in Italy, Hungary, Austria and Poland.

Lowara Pumps - Most Reliable and Effective in Perth

Lowara’s main claim to fame is their clean water pumps. They have built a reputation for the finest clean water pumps in the world. Lowara clean water pumps have proven to be efficient and cost-effective, not only on the back end but on the front end as well. Lowara combines their high efficiency with one of the best customer service staffs in the industry.

Lowara clean water pumps are manufactured with AISI 316 and AISI 304 stainless steel. Their stainless steel build not only makes them appropriate for clean water and other applications where sanitation is mandatory, they are also good for chemicals because the high quality stainless steel provides corrosion protection.

Around the world, Lowara has built an impeccable reputation for providing products that are efficient and reliable. This allows them to provide solutions for water supply and water pumping requirements. Lowara pumps are used for applications as diverse as irrigation, building service, commercial and residential markets around the world.

Applications for Lowara Pumps

Lowara pumps are used for a wide range of applications. In residential and commercial building services, they are used for water supply, domestic hot water, heating and cooling systems, fire protection and wastewater handling solutions.

Public utilities use Lowara pumps for district heating and water supply solutions. They are used for irrigation system solutions in agriculture and water transport solutions in aquaculture. In the mining industry, they are used for both water supply and dewatering solutions. They are used for heavy water transport in the gas and oil industry. Other general industry uses include water supply, washing equipment and pressure boosting, including broiler feeding.

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Meet Our Pump Manufacturers

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we import high quality pumps from all over the world into Australia. We thought it might be helpful to tell you a little bit about our pump manufacturers.

First, though, we want you to know that these manufacturers make the finest pumps in the world. We import the world’s best pumps from the world’s best manufacturers because we want to supply your business with the most reliable and efficient pumps on the market. We know that pump failures and downtime can cost you thousands of dollars. That’s why we make sure to only import from manufacturers who are the world’s best in their specialties.

Speck Pumps (Speck Pumpen)

We are the importer for Speck Pumps in Australia and their representative for service and repair. Speck Pumps has been in business since 1909 and are based in Germany. Their specialties are centrifugal pumps, side channel pumps and liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Manufacturers of Pumps

Fluid-o-Tech Pumps

We are also Australia’s importer for Fluid-o-Tech Pumps. We also offer service and repairs for all of their pumps. Fluid-o-Tech Pumps are based in Italy and were established in 1948. They have built their global reputation with their rotary vane pumps. Their pumps are used mostly for coffee machines, steam generators, reverse osmosis and water circulation.

Filter Technics

Filter Technics is the main OEM supplier for pump filters across the globe. If there is a major manufacturer that makes vacuum pumps, Filter Technics is more likely than not the OEM manufacturer for their filters. They also provide spare parts for vacuum pumps, filtering pockets and cells, compressed air filters and dust collection filter bags. We are Australia’s importer for Filter Technics.

Ran Pump

We are also Australia’s importer for Ran Pump, a manufacturer of air operated double diaphragm pumps (AODD’s) in Turkey. They have only been in business since 2000 but have developed a worldwide reputation for high quality pumps at lower prices than their quality would usually demand.

Ran Pump AODD’s are used mainly for applications requiring the utmost in hygiene, such as the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dairy industries.

Becker Pumps

We are Western Australia’s sole distributor of Becker Pumps. Becker Pumps are imported from Germany and Becker has been in business since 1885. They currently have distributors in 24 different countries. They are internationally known for rotary dry vane pumps, rotary oil vane pumps and side channel pumps. Their factory offers world class parts and service support.

Tsurumi Pump

We are appointed as distributors in WA for Tsurumi pumps. Tsurumi Pump is one of the largest manufacturers of submersible pumps in the world. They were established in 1924 in Japan and now have more than 40 distributors in various countries. Their pumps are used mainly for dewatering, slurries, wastewater and sewage applications.


We are distributors in WA for Verderflex pumps. Verderflex makes extremely reliable peristaltic pumps. Peristaltic pumps use tubes and hoses and are most often used for dosing liquids. They are used in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, printing, chemicals and packaging. Verderflex is part of the Verder Group, located in the Netherlands. They were founded in 1959.


We are a WA distributor for Grundfos pumps. Grundfos, founded in 1945, is located in Denmark. They make centrifugal pumps, circulator pumps and submersible pumps. Grundfos pumps are used for oil, gas, mining and wastewater applications.


We are WA distributors for Flojet pumps. Flojet was founded in 1975. Their pumps are used mostly in the beverage, water purification, marine and recreational vehicle markets.

Lowara Pumps

Lowara makes clean water pumps that are used not only for water but some chemical applications. Lowara is part of the Xylem brand, a worldwide conglomerate. We are resellers of the Lowara brand.

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We import the best pumps from around the world but it doesn’t end there. We also have world class customer service. We have the most professional and knowledgeable customer service staff in Australia. In addition, many of our manufacturers have dedicated staff for large projects.

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Metering Pumps: Some Helpful Facts

We import the world’s finest pumps into Australia for use in many different industries. There are many different types of pumps for many different purposes. One of the most precise is called a metering pump. Metering pumps are pumps that are made to move a precise amount of fluid in a precise timeframe.

Facts Of Metering Pumps

The ability of a pump to deliver a precise amount of fluid in a precise amount of time is called “metering.” Many different types of pumps can qualify as metering pumps, including positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps. However, diaphragm pumps are most commonly used as metering pumps. Usually, the user is allowed to program, set and adjust flow rate via a control such as a touchpad or a hand dial.

Fixed Displacement vs Variable Displacement

There are two basic types of metering pump operation: fixed displacement and variable displacement. Fixed displacement metering pumps allow the speed of the motor to adjust the flow rate. Variable displacement metering pumps have a consistent flow rate regardless of the speed of the engine.

By the Numbers

Metering pumps can be used for a wide range of applications. Flow rate can be from .038 litres per minute to 76 litres per minute. Total head pressure can range from .7 bar to 2,068 bar. Power can be as low as 2kw or as high as 37kw.

Common Applications of Metering Pumps

Metering pumps are used in many industries, but most commonly in the food processing, water treatment and chemical industries. They are also used for wastewater treatment, moving gas or oil in pipelines and blending liquids in food processing plants. In water treatment, they are often used to add precise amounts of chemicals to water that can make it sanitary and drinkable.

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How Sydney Reduced Power Costs up to 50% with New Water Pumps

The right water pump can reduce power up to 50% over an improper, old or outdated water pump. Last year, the city of Sydney was able to reduce their power costs by up to 50% in many cases simply by changing water pumps.

The moves were part of an overall movement in Sydney to reduce the use of electricity in their buildings. They embarked upon a program of retrofitting for power and water efficiency. The program extended across 45 buildings, including recreational centres, libraries and even a recycling depot.

Save Power Costs With The Right Water Pumps

Savings, Savings, Savings

The City of Sydney contracted Origin Energy to provide $6.9 million in retrofitting with the goal of saving a total of 6.4 million kilowatts per year. This number would be enough electricity to power approximately 870 households for at least a year. The city will save $880,000 in power bills and and another $160,000 per year in water bills. The net effect is to save power, save water and reduce emissions.

The City of Sydney is already the first government in Australia that is officially carbon neutral. Their aim is to reduce carbon emissions by 70% by 2030. Whether or not you believe in environmental responsibility, the bottom line is that it saves a lot of money while promoting efficiency.

While a lot of the savings were electrical in nature, some of the more important ones involved water pumps. For large buildings and swimming pools, variable speed drives were added to HVAC system pumps to improve efficiency.

At the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, they installed eight variable speed drives aimed at reducing the amount of energy that was consumed by the supply and return air fans on the recirculation pumps of the program and leisure pool pumps, the air handling unit and the hot water pumps that supply the boilers.

Why Find the Right Pump

The bottom line: the right pump can save you a lot of time, money and hassle, whatever type of facility you run. To learn more, call us today: 1300 922 973.