Calpeda Pumps: From Italy to Australia

Recently, we have arranged to market pumps from even more of the world’s most respected manufacturers into Australia. Our latest addition is Calpeda Pumps from Italy.

Calpeda Pumps were established in 1959 in Italy by Vinicio Mettifogo. They began with a mission that included studying, developing, manufacturing and industrialising pumping systems. They are headquartered in Vicenza, Italy, where they have warehouse and manufacturing facilities of approximately 30000 square metres.

Calpeda Borehole Pumps

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Currently, they have more than 250 employees producing more than 2,000 different kinds of pumps. These pumps range in power from 0.5 kW to 200 kW. They produce submersible pumps for domestic applications and they produce pumps for a number of industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.

These applications include: wastewater, groundwater, sewage, industrial fields, civil plants, irrigation, building service, swimming pools and spas. However, there are many more uses for Calpeda Pumps.

Calpeda Pumps: Their Current Mission

The current mission for Calpeda Pumps is to approach their business as being one large family. They consider trust and reliability to be the main reasons someone would choose Calpeda Pumps.

They are also committed to the Japanese concept of Kaizen, which involves Improvement on a daily basis. Like many of the more successful International pump manufacturers, Calpeda has decided to constantly strive for a better product, better service and better innovation.

They constantly embrace and seek out the most modern of technology, but they also use more esoteric factors, such as studying how water flows in nature and even how birds migrate. They believe that the answers to energy-saving efficiency are often found in nature. They may be the best company in the world at balancing timeless concepts with cutting-edge technology.

>h2?Why We Decided to Offer Calpeda Pumps

We believe that Calpeda pumps fit perfectly into the offerings of our other manufacturers. We have two kinds of manufacturers: those who are the best in the world at making one particular pump and those who are exceedingly versatile and can create a multi-faceted solution for the largest and most diverse operation. We feel that Calpeda fits perfectly into the latter category.

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