Xylem Pumps Create Another Innovation for Drinking Water

Xylem Pumps is the parent company for Lowara Pumps. They are one of the largest and most innovative pump manufacturers in the world, so we like to keep an eye on them because their innovations usually have an effect on the entire industry.

One of their more innovative products is the Wedeco Spektron UV series for sanitising drinking water. Recently, Xylem added four new models to the series, extending the series and making disinfected drinking water available to more people.

Xylem - Lowara Pumps Create Another Innovation for Drinking Water

The Spektron series features their Ecoray UV lamps, formulated to deliver shorter warm up time, longer lamp life and the highest efficiency available. Their lamp and ballast combination are designed to provide a higher relative UVC output than the their competitors when they are operated in what they call the “dimmed mode.”

This allows the more efficiency with less money spent on power. The lamps are automatically dimmed according to the dosage needed at any given time. The net savings is estimated to be in the area of 20%.

They provide a dose of UV rays measuring at 40 mj/cm2, which allows them to safely disinfect drinking water. With the added product range, they can now handle flow rates that range from 2 m3/h to 4,000 m3/h.

The system is validated by regulatory agencies in Germany, Austria and the US as providing disinfection that meets their standards.

The Spektron UV series can handle operations of all sizes, including: domestic water supply, large municipal water plants and an array of industrial uses.

They also have a control system that uses the latest sensor technology to maximise efficiency.

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A Quick Guide to Trash Pumps

Some of you may have heard this term and some may not: trash pumps. These pumps are designed for dewatering applications and are portable. These kind of pumps have the capability of moving water with solids in it such as twigs, sludge, sand, leaves and mud. Most trash pumps are portable versions of heavy duty centrifugal pumps.

How Trash Pumps are Different from Standard Pumps

A Quick Guide to Trash Pumps

The impeller veins are deeper and the discharge openings are much larger than similar pumps that are not designed to be trash pumps. Consequently, these pumps are able to move fluids with solids that would clog up standard centrifugal pumps. Not only can they move fluids containing too many solids for other pumps, they can also move them at a high rate of speed.

While many pumps grind up the solid materials that enter the pump, trash pumps do not. In addition to the deep impeller veins and large discharge openings, these pumps feature a full pump housing. These pumps can be made from a variety of materials, including: cast iron, stainless steel, steel and aluminum. Roll cages are also common standard equipment on most trash pumps.

There’s another variation called a semi trash pump, which does not have as large of a discharge opening as a trash pump. Due to the smaller opening, they cannot handle larger solids, nor can they handle a high density of solids.

These kind of pumps are the pump of choice for rigorous pumping large or highly concentrated solids, especially on a daily basis.

Some manufacturers do not always differentiate between trash pumps and semi trash pumps, so it is important to work with a company that provides comprehensive customer service.

A strainer is often used in addition to a hose at the inlet of these pumps to keep out solids that are too large for the pump to process.

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Why We Believe in Giving the Best Customer Service

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we don’t just sell pumps; we provide full-service solutions. We believe that our unique situation, from our beginnings to our current position in the industry, enables us to provide the best customer service in the business.

So, how did we become a company that provides such great customer service for so many people? It started in 1990, when we were established as Pumps and Services Australia.

Our Beginning: Pumps and Services Australia

Our founder was a migrant German engineer who specialised in creating large, engineered vacuum pumping systems. He would go on to develop numerous vacuum and hydraulic pumping systems, both in Australia and abroad. He would provide solutions for numerous Industries, including mining, water and manufacturing.

One of our more interesting successes is still in operation today at the Geraldton fish market. We developed the system that transports fish from the boats to the docks. This has done wonders for the Geraldton Fish Market, creating speed and efficiency for fisherman and dock workers alike.

As we begin to diversify, we decided to make the finest pumps in the world available for industrial and residential use in Australia. However, no matter how successful we have been with providing imported pumps to Australian businesses, we have never forgotten our roots as innovators and service providers.

Fast Forward: Pump Solutions Australasia

Today, we are more busy and more successful than we could have imagined in 1990. And we owe it all to the fact that we started out providing service and solutions. As far as we are concerned, anybody can sell pumps. But nobody can provide the combination of quality pumps, innovation, pump servicing, pump maintenance and customer service that we provide.

Pumps in Perth Giving the Best Customer Service

We provide customer service in two ways. First, we provide service and maintenance for all pumping systems, and even if we did not sell them to you. Second, we provide world-class customer service over the phone or in person for anyone who is looking for pumps or services.

The best pumps in the world are useless without great customer service to back them up. It starts when you call us for the first time. We are experts at matching the right pumps from the right manufacturers to the right applications.

Great customer service doesn’t stop after you have paid for your pump, either. We provide a comprehensive list of services and maintenance. We also do everything we can to help you do the job right the first time.

We know that, no matter what size your business may be, you cannot afford inefficiency or down time. We also know that not everyone who calls us is a professional in the pumping industry.

Many of you are project managers, maintenance directors or CEOs who have a lot of work on your plates. We know that, no matter how great you are at your job, it is likely that you have not had the time to become an expert in pumps and pumping systems. It is simply too much to ask from most people.

We Don’t Just Sell Pumps; We Provide Solutions

Luckily for you, there is a solution: Pump Solutions Australasia. At Pump Solutions Australasia, we provide a comprehensive program from installation to maintenance and servicing. We do everything associated with pumps so you can perform other important tasks pertaining to your business without ever having to worry about your pumping system.

It is really that easy. All you have to do is call us and we will take care of the rest. We have the best customer service crew in the business, but we also have access to the customer service departments of the finest pump manufacturers in the world. When you call us, we help you get it right the first time so you don’t have to make costly repairs and suffer unnecessary downtime.

We know downtime can cost thousands or even millions of dollars in extreme circumstances. That is why we do everything we can to make sure that your pumps run smoothly and efficiently from the second they are turned on and why we keep them maintained to manufacturer’s specifications.

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Saving Energy in Industrial Pumping Processes

As prolific importers of pumps into Australia, we work hard to stay current on issues that affect our customers. In the industrial sector, a sizeable amount of technology development is being directed toward saving energy in industrial and pumping processes. In fact, many scientists and engineers now use water usage as a tool to uncover energy waste.

Up to now, industry has enjoyed an abundant supply of water to assist industrial processes. It is no accident that so many manufacturing plants are located next to rivers. Water is freely available and easily returned to its source.

One of the more common uses for water in industrial processes is for cooling. Water is used in power plants for condensing steam. It is used to cool molten metal in steel mills. Generally, water is used to cool any machine or part of a machine that overheats in a manufacturing or pumping process.

Pumps in Perth - Saving Energy in Industrial Pumping Processes

In the past, water has been readily available and often wasted without consequence. However, we are rapidly approaching a time in which water is at a premium. There are more and more people to share less and less water. Climate change has also caused inconsistencies in water supply.

Drought conditions can severely limit the amount of water that is available while floods can contaminate all of the water in an area. Flooding can also damage the infrastructure in an area, further compromising the availability of water.

Due to these factors and more, water costs are increasing across the board. So much, in fact, that many facilities are treating wastewater to reuse as clean water. Due to increases in costs, there is no pressure on many Industries to reduce their water consumption.

But now, one previously overlooked factor is coming to light with more and more engineers and project managers aware of it. This factor: the use of water often indicates that energy is being wasted.

The Culprit: Overheating

In particular, when water is used for cooling in any process, it means that energy is being lost in the form of excess heat. Cooling is obviously going to be necessary and essential in many processes. However, engineers and scientists have noticed that when the need for cooling is reduced, it is always accompanied by a proportionate rise in energy efficiency.

Whenever cooling is required in a mechanism such as a pump or an engine, it means that energy which could have been converted into work has instead been converted into heat. When more heat is produced, it means less of the energy which has been created is being used for the work which is the objective of the process. When this energy is cooled by water, it is basically wasted.

In addition, cooling systems use a lot of energy themselves and cost a lot of money to build, maintain and operate. Look at some of the elements of a cooling system: pumps, piping, cooling towers, radiators, heat exchangers, valves and filters. These are all necessary and they all cost money.

The bottom line is that whenever the usage of water for cooling is reduced, costs for infrastructure, energy usage and other capital costs go down.

Some Processes Intrinsically Require Cooling

No matter how many technological advances are made, some processes are always going to require cooling because of their nature. For example, when refining or chemical processes require high temperature levels, cooling is going to be necessary.

Ultimately, the need for cooling will be controlled or dictated by the equipment being used and the process it is being used for. Engineers are already looking into altering the materials being used in the processes to reduce the need for cooling. The mechanical equipment makes a difference, too.

In addition, whenever water used for cooling has to be evaporated and removed, the cost is approximately $124,771 per year for each gallon of water evaporated per minute. That is a lot of water and a lot of money.

What it Means for Pumps

This work is theoretical as of now, but the information is going to help pump manufacturers and industrial engineers find new ways to reduce energy waste and increase efficiency.

Why Balz Vertical Spindle Pumps are the Best in the World

Balz vertical spindle pumps have a reputation for being the best spindle pumps in the world. Most people attribute this to their patented bubble sealing system. On their VS series pumps, the bottom chamber design is like that of an upturned container which has been submerged into water.

This traps air and creates a barrier that seals the shaft. As long as this arrangement remains intact, water is prevented from reaching the bearings. This solves one of the most common problems associated with spindle pumps: contamination of the bearings, causing excessive wear.

On most conventional spindle pumps, the pump bearing housing is flooded when the pump is being used. This causes water or other media to contaminate the bearings and shortens their lifespan while lowering their efficiency. The Balz “bubble design” solves this problem and allows for more efficiency and longer bearing life.

Balz Vertical Pumps

Image credit: Balz Pumps Website

The Balz VS100 series balance the thrust load by using opposing outlets. This eliminates vibration and creates a pump that runs more smoothly. It also prevents accidental phase reversal, which means the impeller won’t be dislodged and the pump won’t be harmed.

Since the lower and upper bearings are sealed and lubricated for life, there is no maintenance required. The immersion depth is up to 500 mm but it is able to withstand mild, occasional flooding.

In addition to the bubble sealing system protecting the bearings, the VS 100 series is manufactured with the best available materials. The result is a pump that is corrosion-resistant and has world class wear properties.

The VS 100 series can pump solids up to as high as 15 mm with a density as high as 1.3. Because of the high chrome and urethane content of the suction cover, casing and impeller, the VS 100 series can withstand even the most extreme pumping conditions.

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