Common Types and Applications of Vacuum Pumps

A vacuum pump is a pump that removes gas from a sealed volume, leaving behind a partial vacuum, allowing fluids to flow into the void. There are three categories of pumps that are classified as vacuum pumps, but only one of them is commonly used: the positive displacement pump.

Positive displacement pumps are efficient in situations requiring low vacuums. There are many common positive displacement pumps, but there are two that are used for most industrial applications: the diaphragm pump and the rotary vane pump.

Rotary Vane Pump

The rotary vane pump is the most common vacuum pump. It consists of a cavity with a rotor that has vanes attached to it. They can often be a circular rotor that is offset inside of a circular cavity. The vanes seal the edges of the cavity by sliding in and out of the rotor. This design is simple and doesn’t require a lot of power. It is reliable and economical.

Single Espresso Preparation

The rotary vane pump is a mainstay in the automotive and hospitality industries. The power steering, automatic transmission and supercharging pumps in your car or truck are rotary vane pumps. They are used in the restaurant industry mainly for the carbonation of soft drinks or for pumping air into espresso.

Diaphragm Pump

Diaphragm pumps are usually called double diaphragm pumps Our double diaphragm pumps are run on compressed air. They are versatile and can be used for pumping water, acids and slurries. They are used in many different industries such as food and beverage, processing, shipping and a host of others.

They can handle low pressure and high pressure, depending on the model.

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