RAN Diaphragm Pumps

RAN Pumps, or RAN Pompa, are located in Istanbul, Turkey. They have only been in business since 2000, but they quickly established an international reputation in the industry for high quality pumps at very reasonable prices. We have imported RAN pumps since 2009 and they have proven to be a popular and reliable choice.

The most popular pumps in the RAN catalogue are their diaphragm pumps. They offer both air operated diaphragm pumps (AODD) and electro-mechanical diaphragm pumps. The main advantage of an AODD is that they are explosion-proof and fireproof. This is a requirement in many industries.

RAN Diaphragm Pumps

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RAN AODD pumps are designed with lubrication-free air valves. This helps to ensure reliable, efficient operation. The electro-mechanical pumps are used in situations where mobility is required and there is no air available to run the pumps. The electromechanical models are actually quieter. They are also so efficient that they reduce operating costs.

RAN has a proprietary bolted sealing and connection system which enables them to withstand high pressure requirements.

Applications for RAN Diaphragm Pumps

RAN pumps are manufactured with many different materials according to the intended application. However, their more popular models are made of stainless steel, allowing them to be used in applications where cross-contamination is prohibited and the highest sanitation and hygiene standards are required..

RAN diaphragm pumps are often used in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food, dairy and cosmetic industries. They are used to transport such foods as mustard, mayonnaise, cream, buttermilk, milk, ketchup and other similar products. They can also be used for viscous and aggressive materials such as chemicals, sludge, oil, petroleum products, solvents, glues, inks and paints.

Diaphragm pumps are the pumps of choice for many chemicals and solvents because they are safe to operate in a flammable environment.

Other applications for RAN pumps: shipyards, construction and repair of ships, pumping bilge water on ships, dyeing machines and printing machines.

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Ran Pump Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps: Where Performance Meets Economy

It’s no secret that Ran Pump air operated diaphragm pumps are among the highest quality AODD pumps in the world. If that was their only claim to fame, they would still be a great product. But Ran Pump products offer another benefit that is surprising to many in the industry: they are among the most economical high-quality pumps on the market.

Ran Pump is a relative newcomer to the pump industry; they were established in 2000. In that short period of time, they have developed a reputation for the best “bang for your buck” in the AODD pump market.

Ran Pump Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps

We began working with their owner, Gisan Ran, in 2009, with great results. Their pumps are very reasonably priced and provide the same level of quality and reliability as pumps that cost a lot more than theirs. This has helped Ran Pump attain a high level of success in the pump industry in less than half of the time it has taken other elite pump manufacturers.

Ran Pump AODD pumps are among the best in the business but are priced like a “price point” pump. We never recommend using price point as your major consideration when buying a pump, but when a pump manufacturer of such high quality offers such low prices, we heartily recommend checking them out.

Ran Pump AODD Pumps: Great Customer Feedback

We trust Ran Pump because so many of our customers have given us so much positive feedback about their products. The housings for the diaphragms are solidly bolted and have a track record for providing leak-free operation.

This allows you to use Ran Pump AODD pumps for high pressure applications. Because no lubrication is required for the air valve, their AODD pumps provide smooth, trouble-free operation.

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Diaphragm Pumps and the Chemical Industry

Diaphragm pumps are a mainstay in the chemical industry throughout Australia. A diaphragm pump is a pump that uses one or two diaphragms in tandem with check valves to pump fluids.

How They Work

The diaphragm or diaphragms make the chamber smaller by pushing in towards the centre, pushing out fluids. When a diaphragm pulls away from the centre, it creates a vacuum, pulling in fluids. The fluids are directed by check valves that only allow the fluid to move in one direction. The fluid is pulled from one direction and pushed out the other.

Chemical Industry Uses Diaphragm Pumps

There are numerous qualities that make diaphragm pumps perfect for the chemical industry. They are capable of being used with high or low flow rates. Flow rate is easily adjusted by the diameter and the stroke length of the diaphragm.

Diaphragm pumps also have great dry pumping characteristics. They are also able to efficiently pump sludges and slurries, even those with high solid content. They can be used for high or low pressure pumping.

Uses in the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry uses a wide range of diaphragm pumps due to the different characteristics of chemicals and fluids. Diaphragm pumps can handle the most flammable, aggressive, viscous and abrasive fluids with ease.

To allow a diaphragm pump to handle a certain chemical, the pump materials are “matched” to the chemicals. Pumps are available in different materials, in a wide range which allows them to pump virtually any chemical on the market.

Double diaphragm pumps, also called Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps, use compressed air to move the diaphragms. They are seen by many as the safest design for pumping more aggressive chemicals. AODD pumps are limited to 6m suction lift, but they can operate with as much as a 160 metre discharge head.

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we have chose Ran Pumps to make our AODD pumps. They are the finest in the world and are made in Turkey.

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Common Types and Applications of Vacuum Pumps

A vacuum pump is a pump that removes gas from a sealed volume, leaving behind a partial vacuum, allowing fluids to flow into the void. There are three categories of pumps that are classified as vacuum pumps, but only one of them is commonly used: the positive displacement pump.

Positive displacement pumps are efficient in situations requiring low vacuums. There are many common positive displacement pumps, but there are two that are used for most industrial applications: the diaphragm pump and the rotary vane pump.

Rotary Vane Pump

The rotary vane pump is the most common vacuum pump. It consists of a cavity with a rotor that has vanes attached to it. They can often be a circular rotor that is offset inside of a circular cavity. The vanes seal the edges of the cavity by sliding in and out of the rotor. This design is simple and doesn’t require a lot of power. It is reliable and economical.

Single Espresso Preparation

The rotary vane pump is a mainstay in the automotive and hospitality industries. The power steering, automatic transmission and supercharging pumps in your car or truck are rotary vane pumps. They are used in the restaurant industry mainly for the carbonation of soft drinks or for pumping air into espresso.

Diaphragm Pump

Diaphragm pumps are usually called double diaphragm pumps Our double diaphragm pumps are run on compressed air. They are versatile and can be used for pumping water, acids and slurries. They are used in many different industries such as food and beverage, processing, shipping and a host of others.

They can handle low pressure and high pressure, depending on the model.

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Understanding Diaphragm Pumps

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we carry RAN diaphragm pumps. We import them from Istanbul, Turkey because they are the best in the world. While many firms in Australia would be happy just carrying such a high quality pump, we feel that we have a responsibility to our customers to help them get maximum life and performance from their pumps.

Here are some answers to basic questions about diaphragm pumps.

Understanding Diaphragm Pumps

How do I choose the right pump?

There is a set of basic factors to consider when choosing a diaphragm pump.

Fluid: What kind of fluid are you going to pump? Is it neutral like water or corrosive like acid or heavy alkaline? Is it pure fluid or is it slurry?

Viscosity: Similar to identifying the fluid, you should also identify the viscosity. The higher the viscosity, the more power it takes to move the fluid.

Flow Rate: The “rule of thumb” is: the higher the flow rate, the larger pump and piping you will need.

Pressure: The higher the pressure, the more solid your equipment must be to sustain it. Pressure can also affect the amount of power you need.

Temperature: Though the effects are more subtle in most cases, temperature will also play a role in what pump you need.

What Kind of Fluids will a Diaphragm Pump Transport

A diaphragm pump will move almost any kind of fluid. Water, acid, oil, resins, surfactants and resins can all be moved by a diaphragm pump.

Are There Fluid-Specific Diaphragm Pumps?

Acids, caustics and bleach are best suited for plastic pumps, while some chemicals will break them down.

How Often Do Diaphragm Pumps Need to be Tightened?

There is no one size fits all answer, but you should inspect a diaphragm pump more often than other varieties.

How to I Maintain a Diaphragm Pump?

Pay regular attention to four areas: air quality, elastic components, inlets/outlets and torque settings.

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