Why Filter Technics is OEM for So Many Different Pumps

Filter Technics have only been in business since 2003, but they have done such a great job that they are now the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many of the best pumps and other products in the world.

Filter Technics is located in Italy and have become the “go to” supplier for manufacturers of vacuum pumps and blowers across the world. One of the reasons is that they are always reinvesting resources into research and development. This helps Filter Technics stand alongside the most prolific innovators in the industry.

So, who needs filters? Here is a partial list of industries where Filter Technics filters are used: cement, printing, paper, blasting, industrial painting, electronics, food, packaging and pharmaceutical.

Why Filter Technics is OEM for So Many Different Pumps

Part of the success this filter manufacturer has enjoyed is due to their policy of using the best materials and the most innovative construction techniques. This has helped them produce a steady supply of products and spare parts for customers worldwide. The end result is a steady stream of manufacturers who have chosen Filter Technics to produce their OEM parts.

Filter Technics also offers world class maintenance and customer support. This not only ensures that manufacturers get great parts for their equipment, it also helps Filter Technics keep their “ears to the ground” and stay aware of the needs of many changing industries.

Filters for Pumps and More

Filter Technics makes filters for vacuum pumps from most major manufacturers. These include Becker and most of the giants in the industry. They also manufacture a wide range of filtering pockets and cells, ranging from basic filtering to total purification. They are a popular supplier of HEPA and activated carbon filters.

They also make filter bags for dust collection, compressed air filters and spare parts for blowers.

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