Filter Technics

Filter Technics has leveraged years of experience in the Air Filtration field to become THE source for replacement filters for blowers, dust collection plants, vacuum pumps and a plethora of industrial applications. Thanks to the best in raw materials and assembly techniques, Filter Technics is the world’s source for high-quality replacement filters.

Spare Parts: Vacuum Pumps

Filter Technics manufactures vacuum pump filters to the specifications of all major manufacturers of vacuum pumps, such as Becker, Rietshlie, Leybold, DVP, PVR Rotant, Boc Edwards and Orion.

Filtering Pockets and Cells

Filter Technics offers a comprehensive range of filtering systems ranging for applications ranging from basic filtering up to complete purification. Some of the materials used include glass fibre and synthetic fibre, producing flat or pleated filter cells with frames made of carbon or metal, soft or rigid bag filters, activated carbon and HEPA filters.

Dust Collection Filter Bags

Filter Technics manufactures filter bags for dust collection that meet or exceed every pollution standard in any country, state or city. Selections include felt bags, pockets and multi-pockets.

Compressed Air Filter

Filter Technics provides solutions that help pump and compressor manufacturers meet the demand for clean, high-quality compressed air, including pre-filters, micro filters, fine filters and activated carbon.

Spare Parts: Blowers

Not only does Filter Technics provide a full range of filters for blowers, they can also be used for compressors and vacuum pumps. All complete filters manufactured for blowers meet OEM specifications.