Filter Technics for Pumps: the King of Air Filtration

Filter Technics is the unquestioned global leader in filters for pumps of all kinds. They were established in Belgium in 1992 and were quickly able to dominate the market due to their high quality and a concept called Total Filter Management.

If there is a filter or a replacement filter for anything related to pumps, fans or air blowers, Filter Technics not only makes it but is probably the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Filter Technics uses the best materials and cutting edge techniques for assembly. They are the number one source in the world for replacement and original filters.

Filter Technics for Pumps

Spare Parts for Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps need air filters and Filter Technics makes replacements for every popular vacuum pump manufacturer in the world, including Becker, DVP, Orion, Boc Edwards and countless others.

Filtering Cells and Pockets

Filter Technics provides filters for all uses, from basic filters all the way through purification systems. They use synthetic fibre or glass fibre to produce flat filter cells or pleated filter cells. Frames are made of metal or carbon. Bag filters can be soft or rigid. They make HEPA and activated carbon filters.

Filter Bags for Dust Collection

Filter Technics makes dust collection filter bags. They all either meet or exceed all pollution standards in all countries, states and cities worldwide. They can be configured as multi-pockets, pockets or felt bags.

Compressed Air Filters

Filter Technics makes filters for every step of creating clean, high-quality compressed air. They make activated carbon filters, fine filters, micro filters and pre-filters.

Spare Parts for Blowers

They manufacture a full range of filters for compressors, blowers and vacuum pumps. For blowers, they all meet OEM specifications.

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