Flojet Pumps: How a Newcomer Took the Industry by Storm

Flojet Pumps were established in 1975. This makes them a relative newcomer in the pump industry. But they now have a reputation as one of the premier manufacturers of water pumps, accessories and small motors in the world. So, how did Flojet get so far, so fast? Let’s take a look.

When Flojet Pumps started, they specialized in creating pumps for unique applications. Eventually, they would evolve into the go to supplier for many industries, such as the water purification, marine, beverage and recreational vehicle markets. They are also used for numerous different recreational, home and office applications.

Flojet Pumps: How a Newcomer Took the Industry by Storm

Flojet was bought by corporate giant ITT in 1999 and is now under the umbrella of the Xylem corporation. However, they are still running like an independent company. They have integrated most of their manufacturing process into the rest of their operation. This allows more control over product quality because they manufacture most of their own components. They have even developed their own assembly equipment and investment moulds.

Flojet has embraced a company culture of constant Improvement on a daily basis. The result is a never-ending pattern of innovation, research and development. In the water dispensing industry, Flojet has earned the ISO 9001 certification. This is the highest possible rating..

In addition to the previously listed applications for Flojet pumps, they have become a staple at car washes around the world. Their pumps are able to provide constant high pressure and work with temperatures ranging from freezing to very hot. Flojet pumps are so dependable under these conditions that they have become the preferred pump of the car wash industry.

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