Fluid-o-Tech Internal Gear Pumps

Fluid-o-Tech has been making high quality pumps for nearly 70 years. They were founded in 1948 in Italy by Franco Andreis as Andreis s.r.l. Since 1964, his son Antonio Andreis has been the management end of the business. He would go on to form Fluid-o-Tech in 1976.

Today, Fluid-o-Tech is an internationally known and respected pump manufacturer. They have expanded from their home base in Italy to the US, China and Japan. While they offer a comprehensive selection of pump varieties, they are best known for extremely precise pumps within the food, beverage and medical industries.

Fluid-o-Tech Internal Gear Pumps

Image Credit: www.fluidotech.it

In 2013, they launched an operation called F-Lab. It is a facility where engineers from Fluid-o-Tech work side-by-side with universities to create products which provide creative solutions in the food, beverage and nutrition industries.

One of their most popular pumps is the internal gear pump, which is produced as the IG Series. The IG Series consists of positive displacement pumps which are designed to work with fluids which contain impurities in suspension. They can handle media up to 200 degrees and still maintain a smooth rate of flow.

Fluid-o-Tech IG pumps are built for precision and always deliver the correct amount at the correct rate. They can do this while providing pressure as high as 18 bar. The least powerful pump in the series provides a flow rate of 50 liters per hour while the most powerful one provides a flow rate of 1550 liters per hour.

They are protected by a cast-iron housing with 12.7 mm ports. Their internal components are made of ceramic materials and Distaloy AE. This increases the service life of the pump while keeping maintenance and downtime to a minimum.

Fluid-o-Tech IG Series pumps have a clamp mounting which makes it easy to integrate them into OEM. They also have couplings made of engineered polymer. This keeps heat from transferring to the motor.

Fluid-o-Tech Pumps and More

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