Graco Electric Diaphragm Pumps: Taking the Air Out of the Industry?

Graco diaphragm pumps are known for their efficiency, reliability and their ability to move a variety of fluids. The Graco company has been around since 1926, when they were established in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. They started out with grease guns for lubricating automobiles and moved to industrial paint-spraying pumps.

By the 1950’s, they were a paint industry leader but had also begun to branch into the food handling and cleaning industries. In 1957, they would develop the airless spray gun. Fast forward to now and they are also known for manufacturing high quality electric diaphragm pumps.

Graco Electric Diaphragm Pumps

Image Credits from: Graco Inc. Website

Graco Electric Diaphragm Pumps: Their Applications

Graco electric diaphragm pumps are used for food, slurries, paint, laminate coatings and acoustic tile. Diaphragm pumps are up to 97% efficient and can handle a wide range of flow rates. They have good characteristics for self-priming and can handle even the highest-viscosity liquids.

Graco makes a series, called the e-series, that is at its best in applications which require a smooth flow with low pulsation. Examples of this in the food industry are chocolate coatings, donut icings, cheese sauce and edible oils. They don’t require surge tanks or pulsation dampeners, which can be quite expensive.

Their energy consumption is estimated to be as low as 20% of an air operated pump. The design is sealless, eliminating leakage due to seal failure. Ultimately, they create a cleaner and less noisy work environment in larger operations.

The electric drive not only reduces energy costs, but it also increases pump control, making it appropriate for metering applications.

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