Grundfos Pumps a Mainstay in the Food Industry

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we import pumps from around the world to Australia to ensure that you always get the most reliable and efficient pump for the job. When it comes to the food industry, one of our most popular manufacturers is Grundfos. Grundfos is a worldwide leader in providing pumps for the foodservice industry.

Grundfos has been supplying pumps for more than 150 years. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of pumps for nearly all industrial applications. They are a leader in the foodservice industry because of their commitment to high quality and sanitation standards. Grundfos pumps are used in dairies, chocolate factories, confectionaries and food processing plants around the world.

Grundfos pumps are specially designed to help maintain the consistency and integrity of food products. They are CIP (Clean in place) and SIP (Steam in place) compatible. Grundfos pumps are not only among the most reliable in the business, they have service partners in more than fifty countries, including us, here in Australia.

Grundfos pumps are made of stainless steel because it is the food and beverage industry standard for promoting sanitation. They provide the ultimate in peace of mind and are used for every imaginable food industry application.


Milk is important for providing nutrition and promoting health. It can also turn bad in a short period of time if not provided a copacetic environment. Grundfos hydraulic pumps keep milk and other dairy products fresh and free of cross contamination.

Chocolate and Confectionary

Grundfos Pumps For Chocolate and Confectionary

For both of these applications, process control, strict temperature control and precise handling of solids are essential for producing a high quality product. Grundfos pumps provide all of these; they are reliable and are easily cleaned.

Processed Foods

Some food mixtures can be extremely viscous and they must be kept moving. Grundfos pumps gently handle all food mixtures, abrasive or corrosive media and crystallines.

Plant Service Systems

Grundfos produces a full line of pumps for plant service processes and systems. They produce pumps for virtually any facility involved in the industrial water circuit. This includes delivery of water to the plant and moving water to where it’s needed once it’s inside the plant for applications such as cooling systems and boilers.

Grundfos also makes pumps for moving wastewater out of a plant and towards a wastewater treatment facility.

Yoghurt Production

Grundfos pumps are able to move both solid products and yoghurt gently while protecting them from cross-contamination.


For heating applications, Grundfos offers a full product line of circulator pumps that are both reliable and energy optimised for stable performance in heating and cooling.

Wastewater Pumps

Grundfos provides wastewater pumps that are corrosion resistant whether they are submersible or dry-mounted. They are produced with advanced technology for controls and monitoring.

Milk Treatment

Milk treatment, known as pasteurisation, is 100% sanitary in Grundfos pumps, ensuring that there is absolutely no bacterial contamination.

Water Supply Pumps

Grundfos manufactures a full line of energy-optimised and reliable water pumps with advanced controls and monitoring.

What Makes Grundfos Pumps Special?

Grundfos pumps possess a number of characteristics that separate them from the field when it comes to sanitary pumps.


HyGenix is the Grundfos name for their design philosophy when producing sanitary pumps. It is proprietary, but we can reveal that it employs a number of unique manufacturing techniques that allow Grundfos to proudly proclaim that their pumps are the safest in the world for sanitary applications such as the food industry.

One of the biggest features of HyGenix is that Grundfos pumps are totally devoid of seams, edges, screw heads and dead-ends. This is important because those are the places where bacteria can collect and cause contamination in other pumps.


NOVAlobe is a process by which Grundfos can provide solutions which are appropriate for specific products. NOVAlobe is able to handle solids. The NOVAlobe shaft seal is located directly in the path of the flow of product in a forward position. This makes the seal more easily cleaned while improving seal lubrication.

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