Grundfos CR Series: Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Inline Pumps

Grundfos pumps are manufactured in Denmark. They are owned by the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, with 2% of the shares going to employees and 12% going to descendents of the founder, Poul Due Jensen.

Grundfos are different than any pump manufacturer in the world because all of the profits that go to the Foundation are reinvested into making Grundfos even better.

Grundfos Pumps - CR Series

Grundfos CR vertical multistage centrifugal inline pumps can be used for a wide range of industrial solutions in nearly every sector. It is the broadest range of pumps and applications available.

The CR Series is available in cast-iron, all titanium and two grades of stainless steel. There are eleven different flow sizes available, which can produce upwards of 50 bar of pressure. There are also a wide variety of shaft seals, supply voltages and rubber materials.

Applications for Grundfos CR Series Centrifugal Pumps

The applications for CR Series pumps are nearly infinite, but there are some applications in which they are very popular. These include: water supply & pressure boosting in commercial/residential/industrial/mining/health sectors, pumping of aggressive fluids (acid or alkaline), seawater systems, washing and cleaning systems, water processing systems, ultrafiltration systems, swimming pools and reverse osmosis systems.

Some more specific applications: mining, steam boiler feed, chemical processes, industrial processes, mineral oils, pharmaceutical industries, petrochemical industries, distilling plants, refineries, paint industries. They can be used to cool data processing equipment, medical equipment, laser equipment and industrial freezing and cooling processes. They can control temperature for chemical processing, oil processing and moulding and casting tools..

They are used for hygienic applications in biotechnical industries, pharmaceutical industries, chemical processes and food and beverage.

Special installations can be arranged for ships, fire fighting, mobile applications, remote areas, earthquake prone areas, deep well plumbing and places with limited installation space.

As you can see, that’s a lot of applications. Grundfos pumps are used in so many different situations that it would be impossible to list them all.

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Grundfos Vertical Multistage Pumps

We import a wide range of pumps into Australia from some of the best pump manufacturers in the world. One of those is Grundfos. We would like to tell you about Grundfos Vertical Multistage Pumps.

Grundfos CRI, and CRN Vertical Multistage Pumps

The CRI and CRN series of Grundfos pumps are vertical multistage pumps. The feature and inline design that makes them appropriate for a specific set of circumstances: a one-pipe, horizontal system in which the discharge and suction ports have identical pipe dimensions and are located in the same horizontal plane. This design allows the pipe work and pump design to exist in a more compact space.

Grundfos Pumps - Vertical Multistage


The pressure and flow demands of the media being moved determine how many stages and what pump sizes you will need for the job. Grundfos CRI and CRN pumps are used for many applications, including the pumping of chemicals and the pumping of potable water. This versatility allows these Grundfos pumps to be used in a wide variety of applications in which the material and pump performance must be perfectly matched.

Grundfos CRI & CRN Series pumps contain two basic components: the pump and the motor. Grundfos uses heavy duty Grundfos motors for these pumps that are specific for each individual pump.

The pump unit features a top, an outer sleeve, connectors and other parts that are built to optimise hydraulics. The entire CR series is available in different materials specific to the media for which they will be used.

Grundfos CR Pumps: an Overview

The CR pump is a vertical multistage centrifugal pump that is non self-priming. Each CR pump consists of a pump head and a base. The outer sleeve and the chamber stack are connected between the base and the pump head by staybolts. The discharge and suction ports are on the same level or “inline,” connected to the base. The shafts are mechanically sealed by a maintenance-free cartridge.

All of the pumps are powered by standard Grundfos C Face, NEMA, 2-pole, heavy duty motors. Each pump has a specified motor.

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Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos Pumps is another of our most trusted pump manufacturers. They are currently the largest pump manufacturer in the world. Their headquarters are in Denmark and they employ more than 18,000 worldwide. Each year, the produce more than 12 million pumps. Their main focus is centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps and circulator pumps.

Grundfos is also a prolific manufacturer of electric motors. Some of these are for their own products, but they also produce electric motors separate from their pumps. They also manufacture controls and various other electronic pieces for pumps and pump-related systems.

Brief History of Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos was established in 1945 in Bjerringbro by the late Poul Due Jensen. When originally established, they were known as “The Bjerringbro Die-Casting and Machine Factory.” They would change names many times until 1967 when they decided upon the name Grundfos.

Before Mr Jensen died, he set up the Poul Due Jensen Foundation to run Grundfos. The Foundation owns 86% of Grundfos. The Jensen family owns 12% and the remaining 2% is owned by the employees.

The foundation’s only reason for existence is to foster the growth and sustainability of Grundfos. It runs as a non-profit, with all capital and profits being reinvested into the foundation. We know of maybe two other pump manufacturers in the world who spend as much money on research and development as Grundfos does.

Applications for Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos Pumps for Irrigation

Grundfos Pumps are extremely popular, especially in Australia. They are used for numerous gas, oil and mining applications. A lot of Grundfos Pumps end up in Western Australia and Queensland. The most popular pumps are SP submersible borehole pumps, booster sets, dosing pumps, wastewater pumps and end suction pumps.

Grundfos circulator pumps are used for heating and cooling in office buildings, homes and private residences. Grundfos also have pumps for the sewage, irrigation, water supply, pressure boosting, dosing, dewatering, fire fighting, solar pumping applications.

Grundfos pumps are used in just about every sector, from domestic, to commercial, to industry, to mining.

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Meet the New Head of Global Quality at Grundfos

Grundfos is one of the most trusted brands of pumps in the world. They are known for their high quality, efficiency and long service time. Recently, they named Jean-Luc Daudon the new Vice President of Group Quality. Mr Daudon brings with him more than 20 years of experience. His strengths are quality and strategy.

Grundfos Pumps New Head of Quality

Jean-Luc Daudon – New Vice President of Group Quality
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Mr Daudon was hired away from his position as Vice President in charge of manufacturing engineering and group industrial strategy at Faurecia, an international leader in automotive equipment.

Mr Daudon has an MBA from the University of California Los Angeles and a Master of Engineering from ENSAM, a university located in Paris. His experience is mostly in the automotive industry. He has a wealth of knowledge of high quality steering systems. He specialises in defining and creating strategies to ensure high quality and installing standardised solutions to ensure a high quality of operational performance and quality on a global basis.

Mr Daudon was hired because of his experience and a track record of operational and leadership excellence. His knowledge of quality management systems has enabled him to become a leader in manufacturing engineering and industrial strategy.

Mr Daudon was hired with the intent of strengthening product development and increase the quality of their operation to eventually create even higher quality and zero defects in Grundfos products.

Grundfos Pumps in Australia

In Australia, Grundfos pumps are used in the gas, mining and oil industries. They are used for dosing, wastewater and end suction. Grundfos also makes booster pumps. Their pumps are also used for air conditioning, ventilation and heating on hotels, hospitals, office buildings and businesses.

Grundfos pumps are also OEM in many products with built-in pumps and are also used for industrial plant processes, irrigation, municipal water supply, greenhouses and sewage.

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Grundfos Pumps: History and Applications

Grundfos Pumps is the largest global pump manufacturer. Their main facility is in Denmark and they now boast more than 18,000 employees worldwide. They make more than 12 million pumps every year. Their main products are circulator pumps, submersible pumps and centrifugal pumps.

We feel their centrifugal pumps are as good as any in the world and they are our main import from Grundfos Pumps. Grundfos also manufactures standalone pump motors and a host of controls and electronics for pumps and pumping systems.

Mining Industry- Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos Pumps: Their History

The late Poul Due Jensen founded Grundfos Pumps in 1945 in Bjerringbro. They were originally called the Bjerringbro Die Casting and Machine Factory. By 1967, when they were renamed Grundfos, they had been through numerous name changes.

Grundfos has an unique management structure that ensures they will stay at the top of the profession, both for quality and for innovation. In 1975, the Poul Due Jensen Foundation was established. They currently own 86% of Grundfos stock, with 12% being held by the Jensen family and 2% owned by employees.

The reason the foundation exists is to promote the growth of Grundfos Pumps. All capital and profits are reinvested back into the foundation. A sizeable portion is earmarked for research and development. This ensures that Grundfos Pumps will remain at the forefront of the industry as an innovator.

Applications for Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos is a giant in the resource industry. They are the most common pump in the oil, gas and mining industries. WA and QLD are the most prolific users of these pumps, including wastewater pumps, end suction pumps, SP booster sets, SP dewatering pumps and dosing pumps. Grundfos circulation pumps are also used for HVAC in hotels, offices and homes. They are also used in plant processes and maintenance.

In addition to being OEM for many products, Grundfos pumps are also used for municipal water supply, greenhouses, irrigation and for sewage.

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