Grundfos Pumps Win Major Industry Award

In the centrifugal pump industry, Grundfos is one of the most trusted of all international names. Located in Denmark, Grundfos was founded in 1944. Grundfos is now a major player globally and is highly respected for their centrifugal pumps. But it wasn’t the pump itself that just won one of the prestigious Pump Industry Awards: it was the controller system called Grundfos GO.

Grundfos Pumps Win Major Industry Award

What is Grundfos GO and Why did it Win a Coveted Pump Industry Award for 2015?

Grundfos GO is, as stated in the Grundfos company literature, “a mobile tool box for professional users on the GO.” Grundfos GO allows users to have full control using their intuitive pump control and access to all Grundfos online tools. This is all done via two apps: GO CAPS and GO Remote.

Yes: you read it right. Grundfos allows you to control pumps with your smartphone. The controls are intuitive and allow you to collect data and read a comprehensive series of reports, all on your smartphone. Grundfos GO works with infrared and radio technology and works with all Grundfos E-Pumps.

To use Grundfos GO, you will need special hardware: the Grundfos interface. The apps are both free and can be downloaded on either Android or iOS mobile devices.

What Does Grundfos GO Consist Of?

When you are using Grundfos GO, the following options will be available to you:
Product dashboard. This provides you with an overview of the operation.
Alarms and Warnings. You can view all warnings and alarms, complete with timestamps.
Status Data. This allows you to monitor the status of all of your Grundfos products.
Commissioning and Configuration.
Read and Write Profiles. You can copy the configuration of one product and apply it to another.
Create pdf Format Installation Report.
Supports 28 different languages.

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