High-Quality Pumps Keep Nuclear Plants Cool

We import high quality pumps from around the world for many applications. One of the lesser-known but extremely important applications is for nuclear power plants. They are important because it is water that keeps the core from overheating and causing a catastrophic event. Australia has its share of nuclear power plants, especially here along the coast.

When you are buying pumps for a nuclear plant, it is crucial that those pumps are reliable and efficient. We import the finest pumps from around the world because we know that downtime can cost a lot of money for large and small businesses. In the nuclear field, the stakes are a lot higher. That’s why every manufacturer whose pumps we import has a reputation for reliability and efficiency.

High-Quality Pumps Keep Nuclear Plants Cool

How Pumps are Used

Nuclear power plants have a water circulation that filters water, diverts it into a condenser and then cools that condenser. However, there are a lot of different parts to the circuit that keeps recycling the water and using it over and over again.

The water is pumped from a large natural source and stored in an intake basin. From there, it is pumped by very large pumps into “trash racks,” where large debris such as logs, grass and seaweed. It is then pumped through “traveling screens” which filter any remaining debris from the water. These screens can be as many as 50 metres long.

From there, it is pumped into the condenser, where it absorbs heat from the reactor. Water can then flow back to its original source through water pipes or into cooling towers, where it is cooled and pumped back to the intake basin. There, the cycle starts again.

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