How to Make the Best Coffee in the World

Coffee MachineWater pumps come in all shapes and sizes, but Fluid-o-Tech has come up with a way to make your coffee infinitely better.

It is called the F-Caffe, and it is a nanofiltration system that you can install on your coffee machine. The F-Caffe is technically a reverse osmosis pump.

Your water affects the way your coffee tastes. If you can remove all impurities from water before it goes through your coffee grounds, you are eliminating a lot of particles and chemicals that keep your coffee from tasting as pure as it could. Not only does removing impurities from water make your coffee taste better, but it keeps the impurities from crystallising inside of your coffee machine.

Water is known as the “universal solvent,” and for good reason. Rainwater goes through the ground into underground pools where it is called “groundwater.” By the time it comes back up from underground, it has absorbed a lot of organic substances. These are both good and bad; the good news is that your water has plenty of minerals. The bad news is that it also has heavy metals and bacteria.

Even some of the minerals which would normally be good can make coffee taste terrible. In the case of magnesium and calcium salts, they make the water “hard.” This makes it more difficult for the water to help release many subtle flavour enhancers present within coffee. However, removing these impurities allows your coffee to fully release its flavour.

The F-Caffe removes these impurities by their nanofiltration process, which is a highly effective form of reverse osmosis. The short version of how reverse osmosis works is that when you push water through a semipermeable membrane, the water gets through but the impurities don’t.

By the time the F-Caffe’s filtering process is finished, the water has become softened, and is free of all impurities that can foul the taste of coffee. The water’s salinity has been reduced, contaminants are gone, and the pH is still the same.

No matter what application you are using this for, from espresso to a large, industrial coffee-maker, the F-Caffe will remove impurities and improve your coffee. The F-Caffe is compatible with any coffee machine. For more information, call 1300 922 973.