How Water Pumps are Supplying Renewable Energy in WA

A lot of Australians don’t notice water pumps until there is an emergency. Either their water pumps malfunction or they need a pump to help empty water from their homes. Here is a great use for water pumps: supplying electricity to homes in WA.

The project is called the Perth Wave Energy Project and is located on Garden Island, Australia’s largest Naval Base. Remote islands and defense bases usually rely on fossil fuels to provide power at great cost to the Government. The Perth Wave Energy Project harnesses the power of waves in the ocean to provide power.

Water Pumps are Supplying Renewable Energy in WA

The technology is called CETO after the Greek ocean goddess. It consists of a buoy which is fully submerged in the ocean and tethered to a pump located on the seabed. The buoy is called a “Buoyant Activator” or “BA.” The CETO oscillates with the rhythm of the waves in the ocean. That transfers energy through a marine grade rope called a tether.

The tether causes the pump to expand and contract. The pump creates pressure which is used to send fluid through a pipeline to the shore. That fluid and its pressure are used to operate a hydroelectric power plant. After the pressure in the water is used up, the water flows back to the ocean.

This not only produces power, but can also produce desalinated water when the high pressure water is directed into a reverse osmosis desalination plant. This eliminates the need for pumps that use fossil fuels.

The end result: clean, renewable energy.

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