Why it is Important to Test Pump Efficiency

As a leading importer of pumps in Australia, we work with a lot of wastewater plants and other large operations. When we provide pumps or pumping systems, we always aim to help improve pump efficiency, reliability and longevity. Here is why it is so important to test the efficiency of your pumps.

Why it is Important to Test Pump Efficiency - Pumps in Australia

In water and wastewater treatment plants, power consumption can often take up large portions of the budget for the local government overseeing the plant. Pumps and other machinery that have to operate 24/7 can consume as much as 4% of the energy that is produced nationwide.

Since it is pumps that are doing the bulk of the work, it is important to assess the efficiency of pumps in wastewater plants to see if all that power is being used effectively. In the average wastewater plant, electricity for pumps can account for between 20% and 30% of the total energy used. In water pumping plants, that number can jump up to 46%.

Over the life cycle of a pumping system, energy can account for as much as 75% of the operating costs. It stands to reason that the easiest and most effective way to reduce operation cost would be to reduce the amount of energy used by the pumps.

First, you must determine how the pump is operating within your system and how close it is to its best energy point (BEP). The further away your pump is from its best energy point, the more energy it will use and the less reliable and efficient your system will be. This increases operating costs and can cause maintenance issues.

If your system has motor failures, premature wear and tear of pumps or other maintenance issues, it is probably a good sign that your pump is not at its best energy point. many pumps that have been tested at wastewater and water facilities have been found to be operating from 15% to 20% less than optimum efficiency. This can raise costs by as much as 45%.

Test Your Pumps in Australia ASAP

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