Is the Grundfos S-tube the Wastewater Pump of the Future?

Waste Water PlantWe have seen a lot of water pumps over the years, and most of them fall into distinct categories. Grundfos, however, now offers a pump that is in its own category. It is called the S-tube. The S-Tube is designed for wastewater processing, and combines the designs of a few different types of pump to create a unique product.

Grundfos created the S-tube as a response to a typical and prevalent wastewater industry problem. Most pumps in the industry either sacrifice free passage or high efficiency. This means that they sacrifice either efficiency or reliable operation.

The S-tube is designed to provide both efficiency and reliable operation in one design solution. In today’s era of water shortages, it is essential that communities process their wastewater both efficiently and reliably. The S-tube provides both options. This allows water companies to provide enough water for their communities without increasing operating costs.

Without getting too technical, the S-tube has a closed impeller and unique design that allows high efficiency and free passage. In addition, the S-tube employs the Grundfos blueflux motor design, which is very energy-efficient. Grundfos has been able to get an advance look of what they project to be future efficiency requirements for water treatment plants, and the S-tube meets or exceeds all projected requirements.

The S-tube is also very easy to service. Thanks to AUTOADAPT, which is an “intelligent” module that adjusts operation to whatever condition it encounters, wastewater treatment plant personnel don’t even have to make any adjustments when conditions change. All they have to do is turn it on once, and operation is on autopilot for the life of the pump.

Grundfos has designed the S-tube to adapt to a variety of wastewater treatment applications, and fully intends for their product to, indeed, be the wastewater pump of the future.

In Perth, WA, and across Australia, years of hot, dry weather, have produced water shortages and watering restrictions. As in other parts of the world, processing rainwater and wastewater are becoming more essential to Australian life with each passing year.

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