Keeping Your Pool from Becoming a Microorganism Magnet

There are many people, possibly including you, who own a swimming pool but without the right kind of quality pump. However, it may simply be a breeding ground for all kinds of unwanted insects and microorganisms. When a pool is not in use or even when it is, when not treated properly, all kinds of pathogens can fester in the water.

Pumps for your Pool

When a pool is left in neglect, many different kinds of bugs can be attracted to it. Creatures like mosquitoes lay their eggs in still water and an unused swimming pool makes the perfect place for them to do this in.

Insects, in addition to their own offspring, are often carriers of harmful bacteria, which are transferred into the water when the insects make contact. More natural factors can also bring bacteria into a pool, such as fallen leaves or algae growth.

However they get there, bacteria can be harmful to people who decide to return to their pools when the weather turns nicer because they can cause many different diseases ranging from unpleasant to potentially fatal.

How do you keep your pool healthy and pure then? One essential way is to treat the pool with a normal dose of chemicals like chlorine that kill unwanted pathogens. These chemicals need to be added regularly to make sure that they are working effectively.

The best way to keep your pool looking great year round though is to invest in a high-grade pool or water pump. Most kinds contain filters that cycle through all of the water in the pool, removing the harmful bacteria and insect larvae, while keeping the chemicals kill the rest.

We carry a variety of pool pumps that are specifically designed to work with your pool to make it the best it can be, both during season and when not in use. They are built to last for a long time and work under harsher conditions.

They do take a certain level of maintenance however, such as cleaning out the filter every once in a while. But as long as you put the time in, the pump will take care of the rest.

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