Little Known Applications for Pumps in Industry

As a prolific importer of pumps in Australia, we thought it might be interesting to tell you about some uses for pumps in industry that may not be as well-known as the more popular uses. Here are a few surprising processes involving pressure, vacuum and/or flow.

Little Known Applications for Pumps in Industry


Dermabrasion is the process used to “sand” skin, usually on the face, to remove scars or growths. It is sometimes used for cancerous growths and often used for deep scars from acne.


This is the removal of solder from circuit boards when repairing them. A spring loaded plunger is used to create a vacuum at the tip of the tool, removing the molten solder from the circuit board.


This can include chucking, evacuation of casting moulds and removal of vapours and gases.

Foam Marking

Foam marking devices can be attached to a tractor for agriculture uses. They are most often used for seeding crops or applying fertilisers and pesticides. They drop a ball of foam on the ground, marking the row and helping the farmer line up his tractor for the next row. This is important because it keeps the farmer from applying too many chemicals or overseeding.

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells turn a combination of hydrogen and oxygen into water. The process creates heat and electricity. Fuel cells provide a DC (direct current) that can power lights, motors and other electrical devices.

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printing is a mainstay in the industrial labeling, marking and coding markets. Up to 64,000 droplets can be formed in one second. Marking droplets are electrostatically charged and transported directly to the media. Drops that don’t receive a charge are directed into a gutter and recirculated. Liquid pumps are used to transport ink back to the storage tank from the collection area.

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