Vacuum Pump Varieties and Applications

The vacuum pump is one of the more common pumps because so many different pumps are classified as vacuum pumps. A vacuum pump is a pump that creates a partial vacuum which moves air or fluids. Air or fluids rush into a vacuum because both air and water move from places of high pressure to places of low pressure.

There are three types of pumps that are classified as vacuum pumps: momentum transfer pumps, positive displacement pumps and entrapment pumps. For most applications, positive displacement pumps will suffice. In rare or extreme instances, positive displacement pumps can be enhanced by adding momentum transfer or entrapment pumps to work together with positive displacement pumps.

Vacuum Pump Varieties and Applications

A positive displacement pump works on the principle of creating a vacuum chamber into which fluids are drawn. The liquid is ejected from the chamber and another vacuum is created, which draws more fluid. This is repeated at intervals to steadily pump liquids.

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we carry five basic kinds of vacuum pumps that are classified as positive displacement pumps: double diaphragm pumps, liquid ring pumps, rotary vane pumps, side channel pumps and blowers. Here is a brief view of each.

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps (AODD)

AODD pumps create a vacuum by using diaphragms to create a vacuum and then discharge product. They are relatively inexpensive pumps that are used for many different areas of industry. They can be used to pump water, acids or slurries. They are also used in food processing because their design makes them appropriate for use in situations where sanitation is mandatory.

Double diaphragm pumps are extremely versatile. They can be used to pump fluids on oil tankers or to make artificial hearts. We carry a full line of RAN diaphragm pumps, imported from RAN Pump in Turkey.

Liquid Ring Pumps

Liquid ring pumps are used as vacuum pumps but also as gas or air compressors. Among their many applications, they are used to extract the water from press felts and dewater the pulp slurry on paper machines. They are also used to vacuum-form molded paper pulp packaging such as egg cartons. They can be used for soil remediation, vacuum distillation for petroleum refining and in vapor recovery systems.

We carry a full line of Speck Pumpen liquid ring pumps for numerous applications.

Rotary Vane Pumps

A rotary vane pump uses a rotor inside a cavity with vanes mounted to it. They are used in motor vehicles for applications that require high pressure hydraulic pumps, including power steering, automatic transmission and supercharging pumps. They are very popular in the food and beverage industry for uses such as espresso coffee machines and carbonators used in soft drink machines. They can also be used for propellants, aerosols, aviation fuel transfer, refrigeration and solvents.

Side Channel Pumps

Side channel pumps are used in gas and vapour handling. They are used in all applications where low NPSH is mandatory. We carry a full line of Becker side channel pumps in single stage or double stage blower/vacuum models.


For the sake of simplification, using a blower is like using a vacuum pump backwards. The same process can move air in both directions. Thus, blowers are classified as vacuum pumps. As with side channel pumps, Becker is our manufacturer of choice for blowers.

The Widest Selection of Vacuum Pumps in Perth

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We know it isn’t worth it for a manufacturing facility, a wastewater treatment facility, a mining facility or a refining facility to buy a “bargain” pump, saving a few dollars, only to have a failure cost them thousands of dollars and even more time and effort.

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