Becker is a global leading manufacturer of vacuum and pneumatic equipment. Renowned throughout the world and in many industrial sectors, Becker's vacuum pumps, compressors and pneumatic systems are available as single components and complete system solutions. Becker Pumps support the following Markets: Printing and Paper Industry, Electronics; Woodworking Industry; Laser; Mechanical Engineering; Medical Technology; Environmental Technology; Packing Industry; Energy; and Additive Manufacturing


Becker Pumps are imported from Germany. They are produced in the German cities of Apolda and Wuppertal. Becker has been in business since 1885 and they currently have several distributors in 24 different countries with 15 different internationally-based subsidiaries.

Becker pumps are used for many applications by cabinet makers, laboratories, hospitals, the plastic industry and the printing industry. Becker Pumps have developed a well-deserved reputation for being durable, dependable and cost-effective, with excellent factory support for parts and service.

Becker is known mainly for 3 kinds of pumps: side channel pumps, rotary dry vane pumps and rotary oil vane pumps.

Side Channel Pumps

Applications of side channel pumps include blowing, vacuum or both. They are especially effective in situations that require high volumes but low levels of pressure or vacuum. They are also simply built, making them cost-effective and quiet.

They have built-in relief valves and inlet filters to help prevent overloading. They are capable of flow rates from 40m³/hr to 1080m³/hr. Side Channel Pumps can provide maximum pressures of 550 mb and maximum vacuum levels of 350 mbar.

Rotary Dry Vane Pumps

Rotary dry vane pumps are among Australia’s most common pumps. They are of simple design and are available in sizes from 4m³/hr to 500m³/hr. They are available as compressors, vacuum pumps or a unit that combines both a compressor and a vacuum pump. They are designed for lower vacuum levels and pressures, with pressure maxing out at 2000 mbar and vacuum maxing out at 150 mbar.

Rotary Oil Vane Pumps

Rotary oil vane pumps are the next level of vacuum after rotary dry vane pumps, and these pumps range in capacity from 20m³/hr to 630m³/hr. They are available in F/K or SA/K with the F/K providing the higher vacuum levels of the two. The maximum possible vacuum is 0.5 mbar.

Variair for Variable Speed Drives

Becker pumps provide an option called Variair which helps pumps adjust to varying demands. A built-in, sensorless variable speed drive control electronically slows or speeds up the pump depending on demand. This helps produce smooth transitioning from low to high power consumption and vice-versa. Variair also helps produce less erosion and longer operation time between servicing.

Most users report that Variair pays for itself in a short amount of time due to reduced running costs.