Ran Pump
Ran pumps come to us from Istanbul, Turkey. The company is a relative newcomer, which has only been making air operated diaphragm pumps since 2000. However, in that period, they have developed an extremely high-quality pump that has a very reasonable price.

Pump Solutions Australasia began working with Gisan Ran in 2009 and the partnership produced great results for very reasonable prices. This has helped Ran develop a track record of success that has proven their pumps to be of as high a quality as any pump on the industrial market, but for less money.

Ran pumps have proven to be a reliable, high-quality product, and Ran has earned our trust, not only at Pump Solution Australasia, but among our many customers who have used them for various applications. Their diaphragm housings are bolted and have proven to be leak-free, allowing them to be used in high-pressure applications. The air valve also requires no lubrication, ensuring smooth operation, free of trouble.

Different Applications and Uses

Ran Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps are very user-friendly and versatile due to some unique characteristics. AODD pumps have dry-run capabilities and are self-priming. They can be used to pump hazardous materials, chemicals, slurries and even solids. Since they are air-driven, they are flame or fire resistant. This makes them very useful in mining operations where the possible presence of methane or other gases can cause explosions.

Ran AODD pumps are manufactured from numerous and varied materials; this allows them to be used for many different applications and settings. Stainless steel pumps can be used to pump chemicals, while food grade stainless steel can be used for pharmaceutical or hygienic purposes. PVDF pumps can be used for dangerous or aggressive chemicals, while polypropylene pumps can be used for conventional chemical pumping. Aluminium pumps can be used for diesel and fuel pumping and general purpose dewatering, while cast iron pumps can be used for slurries.

When air is not available, Ran pumps can be made available for use as electromechanical diaphragm pumps. They are very economical and quieter than standard AODD pumps. They work best with less viscous products and lower operating heads.

Diaphragm pumps are used in many industries for a wide range of applications. Hygienic applications include the dairy, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, where food grade stainless steel pumps are the norm. Air pumps are used often in the food industry because products such as cream, yoghurt, buttermilk, milk and condiments such as ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard can be transported with no disruption or change in their chemical properties.

AODD pumps can also be used to transfer petroleum products, remove sludge and oil, and to move a variety of chemicals, including solvents, adhesives, water and solvent based glues, inks and paints.

The ceramic industry also uses air pumps for filling in moulds and for sludge transfer. They are also used to apply glaze coating in the final glaze process.

Air operated and electric diaphragm pumps are also used in ship construction, ship repair and shipyard operations, in addition to being used onboard as bilge pumps. At airports, electric diaphragm pumps are used to fill de-icing tanks with de-icing fluids, because they are explosion-proof, mobile and efficient.

Double diaphragm pumps are also used for dyeing in the textile and clothing industry and to transfer ink to printers. Each colour of ink gets its own separate pump.

AODD pumps are also heavily used in the mining industry to transfer groundwater. Another popular use in the resource industry is pumping wastewater with abrasive particles such as drill cuttings from the mines.

AODD pumps are also used to transfer cooling and lubrication fluids in machining operations. They are also used to pump waste engine oil in auto service facilities, acid sludge in waste and sewage treatment plants, where pumps are required to withstand higher pressures than with other applications.

Meat processing, storage and fish oil production facilities use AODD pumps for animal waste transfer; air operated and electro-mechanical pumps are used for bottling operations.