Metering Pumps: Some Helpful Facts

We import the world’s finest pumps into Australia for use in many different industries. There are many different types of pumps for many different purposes. One of the most precise is called a metering pump. Metering pumps are pumps that are made to move a precise amount of fluid in a precise timeframe.

Facts Of Metering Pumps

The ability of a pump to deliver a precise amount of fluid in a precise amount of time is called “metering.” Many different types of pumps can qualify as metering pumps, including positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps. However, diaphragm pumps are most commonly used as metering pumps. Usually, the user is allowed to program, set and adjust flow rate via a control such as a touchpad or a hand dial.

Fixed Displacement vs Variable Displacement

There are two basic types of metering pump operation: fixed displacement and variable displacement. Fixed displacement metering pumps allow the speed of the motor to adjust the flow rate. Variable displacement metering pumps have a consistent flow rate regardless of the speed of the engine.

By the Numbers

Metering pumps can be used for a wide range of applications. Flow rate can be from .038 litres per minute to 76 litres per minute. Total head pressure can range from .7 bar to 2,068 bar. Power can be as low as 2kw or as high as 37kw.

Common Applications of Metering Pumps

Metering pumps are used in many industries, but most commonly in the food processing, water treatment and chemical industries. They are also used for wastewater treatment, moving gas or oil in pipelines and blending liquids in food processing plants. In water treatment, they are often used to add precise amounts of chemicals to water that can make it sanitary and drinkable.

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