What You Need to Know About Lowara Pumps

Lowara pumps have been in production since 1968. They would be acquired by ITT and finally by Xylem and are now part of Xylem. They have their own 45,000 sqm manufacturing facility and it employs 800 people.

Lowara, like all companies under the ITT/Xylem umbrella, adhere to the corporate philosophy of kaizen, meaning continuous improvement. Consequently, they reinvest a sizeable portion of their profits to develop innovative design solutions and highly advanced methods of manufacturing. The end result is that they produce products that are highly efficient and reliable using cutting edge stainless steel technology.

Lowara Pumps: King of the Wastewater Industry

Lowara pumps are used extensively in the wastewater industry, especially their submersible pumps. Wastewater can get pretty ugly and have a lot of solids that need to be transported. Submersible pumps for wastewater have to be versatile enough to transport a wide range of materials from homes and businesses to wastewater treatment plants.

About Lowara Pumps

Once the wastewater gets to the plant, Lowara makes pumps to transport water through every process at the plant. Lowara can provide the total package that allows any plant to meet the high pressure requirements for processing sewage. They make propeller, centrifugal and mixed flow pumps for large waste streams and storm water. They can also provide macerators which can convert rags and other large solids into smaller pieces that are more manageable.

But Wait…There’s More: Lowara Makes Clean Water Pumps, Too

Lowara also makes stainless steel pumps for transporting clean water. They use ASI 304 and ASI 316 fabricated stainless steel. When sanitation is mandatory, stainless steel is the “go-to” material because it is so smooth. The process of making stainless steel makes its surface so smooth that bacteria, viruses, fungi and organic material have a hard time sticking to it.

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