Peristaltic Pumps Produce Great Results in Purifying Wastewater

How Verderflex peristaltic pumps saved the day for one South Korean electronics manufacturer.

Recently, a large electronics manufacturer in South Korea approached peristaltic pump manufacturer Verderflex with a problem. Previously, their wastewater treatment facilities had been dosing aluminium sulphate by using metering pumps. Unfortunately, years of this practice had uncovered three problems that they were unable to solve.

Peristaltic Pumps Manufacturer Verderflex

When tank levels were low, their setup was not able to produce consistent dosing of the aluminium sulphate. In addition, their plants were plagued with high maintenance costs and too many unscheduled maintenance periods.

Verderflex representatives were able to quickly get to the root of the problem. They recommended that the existing metering pumps be replaced by eight peristaltic tube pumps: model Rapide R2S. The system now produces flow rates from a low of 78 ml/min to a high of 1080 ml/min. Discharge pressures are now as high as 1.5 bar.

While those numbers may not mean anything to someone who isn’t “in the industry,” these numbers will. The average service period has been increased from 600 hours to 1000 hours. The end result has been less downtime and less maintenance costs.

Customer feedback indicates that the manufacturer is very satisfied that both operation and maintenance of the new pumps is far less complicated than with the metering pumps. They are also happy with the relatively easy process of changing the tube of the Rapide R2S by using the ski-boot clamp. They are most satisfied with the sizeable reduction of labour costs.

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The Dura series combines the benefits of the more traditional long coupled pump with the compact nature of the close coupled pump.

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