What is the Calpeda I-Mat?

Established in 1990, technology has come a long way. Common people weren’t even allowed to use the internet yet and the idea of a compact smartphone would have been ludicrous and laughable at the time. Computers with 500 mb hard drives were seen as “state of the art.”

Obviously, things are much different now. In the pumping industry, one of the best technological advances has been electronic control for pumping systems. And say, one of the finest is the Calpeda I-Mat.

So, what is the Calpeda I-Mat? It is a system which helps control pump motors at variable speeds. A frequency converter is used to drive the Calpeda I-Mat. It can be used for water supply applications, the transport and distribution of water, water treatment and producing and/or distributing hot or cold water. It allows a wide range of operating modes and applications when it is applied to pump motors.

What is the Calpeda I-Mat


Calpeda I-Mat Features and Benefits

The Calpeda I-Mat has frequency converters that have a software configuration which allows multiple operating modes, making it extremely versatile and efficient over a comprehensive range of applications.

It also features a high capacity heat sink which cools the frequency converter. This operation happens separately from the motor, using integrated fans. The result is a more reliable system.

The Calpeda I-Mat contains a unique built-in safety feature. The power terminals area and the signal terminals area are separated from each other due to the shape of the frequency converter.

Due to an integrated control panel, all parameters can be programmed directly into the converters. The control panel is removable and can be configured for remote operation.

If you want to integrate a number of these units together and allow them to operate in tandem, an optional electronic card is available. This configuration can be used to operate up to five fixed speed pumps and six variable pumps together.

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Grundfos Vertical Multistage Pumps

We import a wide range of pumps into Australia from some of the best pump manufacturers in the world. One of those is Grundfos. We would like to tell you about Grundfos Vertical Multistage Pumps.

Grundfos CRI, and CRN Vertical Multistage Pumps

The CRI and CRN series of Grundfos pumps are vertical multistage pumps. The feature and inline design that makes them appropriate for a specific set of circumstances: a one-pipe, horizontal system in which the discharge and suction ports have identical pipe dimensions and are located in the same horizontal plane. This design allows the pipe work and pump design to exist in a more compact space.

Grundfos Pumps - Vertical Multistage

Credit: www.grundfos.com

The pressure and flow demands of the media being moved determine how many stages and what pump sizes you will need for the job. Grundfos CRI and CRN pumps are used for many applications, including the pumping of chemicals and the pumping of potable water. This versatility allows these Grundfos pumps to be used in a wide variety of applications in which the material and pump performance must be perfectly matched.

Grundfos CRI & CRN Series pumps contain two basic components: the pump and the motor. Grundfos uses heavy duty Grundfos motors for these pumps that are specific for each individual pump.

The pump unit features a top, an outer sleeve, connectors and other parts that are built to optimise hydraulics. The entire CR series is available in different materials specific to the media for which they will be used.

Grundfos CR Pumps: an Overview

The CR pump is a vertical multistage centrifugal pump that is non self-priming. Each CR pump consists of a pump head and a base. The outer sleeve and the chamber stack are connected between the base and the pump head by staybolts. The discharge and suction ports are on the same level or “inline,” connected to the base. The shafts are mechanically sealed by a maintenance-free cartridge.

All of the pumps are powered by standard Grundfos C Face, NEMA, 2-pole, heavy duty motors. Each pump has a specified motor.

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Anyone Can Sell Pumps, but Do They Offer These Services?

There are a lot of businesses selling pumps in Australia. Some do a great job while some are, to be polite, not so great. Some have high-quality products while others sell price point products that seem like a great bargain until they are actually put into use.

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we not only sell pumps; we provide full service solutions. We were established in 1990 by a migrant German engineer. We were then called Pumps and Services Australia and we specialised in creating large pumping systems for a number of industries.

In fact, we created a revolutionary vacuum pumping system to transport fish from ships to the Geraldton Fish Market that is still in operation today, almost 30 years later.

Full Service Solutions - Pumps in Australia

Fast forward to today, where we are now the largest importer of pumps in Australia. We have literally scoured the world to find the best pump manufacturers because we know that only the best will provide the consistency that your operation needs. We know it’s worth the extra investment in the beginning to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal downtime, so we do everything within our power to provide just that for our customers.

Pumps Need Professional Servicing

We offer full service and maintenance programs for every pump we sell. We also offer full service and maintenance to your pumping system, even if you didn’t buy it here. Because of our background in our commitment to providing the best service in the industry, we can service any pump that has ever been made.

Having your pumps serviced and maintained on a regular basis extends their life cycles, maximises their efficiency and keeps downtime to a minimum.

We also have access to an extensive selection of spare parts through our many elite pump manufacturers. This makes it easy for us to order parts anytime you need them.

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A Pump for Every Application in the Wastewater Industry

A centrifugal pump can be used to efficiently move 10% dry solid sludge. If you’re not in the wastewater treatment business, you probably don’t know that. But it’s just one of the facts we need to know every day here at Pump Solutions Australasia.

Centrifugal Pump for Wastewater Industry

When you need to select the right pump for the right application, it pays to have a strong knowledge base. If you are busy with other tasks and need to delegate that task, one of the best places you can delegate it is Pump Solutions Australasia. Our world class customer service personnel make it a point to know as much as possible about every detail pertaining to pumps in the wastewater industry.

Best of all, if we don’t know the answer to your question, we have access to the answer and we always provide you with the expertise you need. If it is beyond our scope or capacity, we have access to dedicated engineers from every major pump manufacturer we work with. If your project is large, they may even dedicate an engineer to you for as long as needed.

From inlet pumping to pumping dewatered sludge, we can help you handle every type of wastewater, no matter what combination of water and solid content. We help you find the perfect balance of energy efficiency and the output you need.

Different industries create different wastewater problems. Mining, manufacturing, public utility, sewage and industrial wastewater have subtle differences.

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We are a family owned business. We started out as Pumps and Services Australia in 1990. Our founder was a migrant German engineer who created vacuum pumping systems for a lot of high profile clients in Australia. The Geraldton Fish Market still uses our prototype design for transporting fish from the boats, but we have designed fluid and solid transport solutions for numerous industry segments.

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Pumps and Applications in the Food and Beverage Industry Growing in Australia

Pumps are becoming more important for the food and beverage industry in Australia. This is for a number of reasons. As we become busier on a daily basis and our population grows, there is a growing demand for processed foods and specialty beverages. Food and beverage processing plants are putting out more product, creating the need for more pumps.

In cafeterias, cafes, restaurants and bars, simple machines like beverage dispensers or cappuccino machines rely on pumps to move beverages. In the food and beverage industry, they have to be made to exacting standards because operation must be sterile to be safe for food and beverage.

Pumps in Australia - Food and Beverage Industry

In food processing plants, pumps are used for a variety of substances and processes that may surprise you. They can transport foods and beverages of any viscosity from sausage to baked goods to mineral water.

Extremely precise units are used for metering, adding exact amounts of ingredients such as vitamins, pigments and other additives to foods. This can help process foods such as gelatins, cereals, caramels, mineral water and other soft drinks.

Pumps are used to disperse, mix or homogenise dairy products and margarine. They can be used for the tempering of gelatin or chocolate. They are also used for preparing and drying food at high pressures, such as baked goods, spices, sauces and even baby food.

Pumps are used to treat beverages with O2, S2 and preservatives for wine, sparkling wine or soft drinks. They are used for CO2 when decaffeinating coffee.

In the baking industry, peristaltic pumps are used to help bakers with doughs, batters, liquid sweeteners and fillings. Extremely accurate ones are used in the brewing industry to add precise amounts of yeast and other additives without allowing any cross contamination.

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