A Pump for Every Application in the Wastewater Industry

A centrifugal pump can be used to efficiently move 10% dry solid sludge. If you’re not in the wastewater treatment business, you probably don’t know that. But it’s just one of the facts we need to know every day here at Pump Solutions Australasia.

Centrifugal Pump for Wastewater Industry

When you need to select the right pump for the right application, it pays to have a strong knowledge base. If you are busy with other tasks and need to delegate that task, one of the best places you can delegate it is Pump Solutions Australasia. Our world class customer service personnel make it a point to know as much as possible about every detail pertaining to pumps in the wastewater industry.

Best of all, if we don’t know the answer to your question, we have access to the answer and we always provide you with the expertise you need. If it is beyond our scope or capacity, we have access to dedicated engineers from every major pump manufacturer we work with. If your project is large, they may even dedicate an engineer to you for as long as needed.

From inlet pumping to pumping dewatered sludge, we can help you handle every type of wastewater, no matter what combination of water and solid content. We help you find the perfect balance of energy efficiency and the output you need.

Different industries create different wastewater problems. Mining, manufacturing, public utility, sewage and industrial wastewater have subtle differences.

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We are a family owned business. We started out as Pumps and Services Australia in 1990. Our founder was a migrant German engineer who created vacuum pumping systems for a lot of high profile clients in Australia. The Geraldton Fish Market still uses our prototype design for transporting fish from the boats, but we have designed fluid and solid transport solutions for numerous industry segments.

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